Swans 🐥 Feathered Friends

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At Bottenintnin lake Alaska.


This magical moment happened
October 5th 2018.


And it happened fast!


I was pointed the other way
checking out the clouds
above and below.


Swans, I heard the word swans!


They flew along real fast at
quite the distance.


Not often seen and never real close.


Flying over to join the other
feathered friends!



#featheredfriends by @melinda010100

Feathered Friends
More information can be
found here • Community Name!

Everyone's #featheredfriends
postings in order.
Link scrolls back many feathers ago.


Thank you @otage for the cool street name!


Photos & words by @shasta Nov 21st 2019 3:33 PM O'rock Alaska


That's so beautiful... the low flying swans over the mirror clear water 😍

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Wow! I'm so glad you were quick enough to get these shots! Such beauty! Thanks for posting them to

Thank you @melinda010100! :-)
We don't see them often, but when we do it's amazing!

Always great to see them in the wild!

Totally! that's the best way to see them! :-)

Fantastic shots. Beautiful birds.

Thank you @bethvalverde! :-)
The swans sure are awesome to see. We see eagles
and ravens way more often!

Wow! These are wonderful photos with such refreshing atmosphere! Love the reflection on the water!

Thank you @kaminchan! The water was so still
and perfect that day! :-)

What a wonderful sight to see the swans and capture the awesome reflections n the water. 💕

Good evening ❤ @redheadpei! :-)
In all our years that was a fantastic first! lol

Beautiful photography

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Thanks :-)

Wow 😯 nice shots! 👍 cool!

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Thank you @apnigrich! :-)

Simply beautiful

Thank you very much @juancar347! :-)

Congratulations you had is a magnificent occasion in a very magical moment. Needless to say, the place is incredible.

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Thank you so much @volcandemorcilla! :-)
Really a nice little lake, usually we don't see
any wildlife when there, but this time was special!

Beautiful shots @shasta

Good evening @trudeehunter! Awesome to see you!
and thank you! :-)

Hello @shasta Thank you. It's good to be back. 🌸 🌼 🌸

Wow! I have never seen swans fly before. Amazing and definitely a magical moment @shasta! : )

Good evening ❤ @whatisnew! :-)
Very much magical moment, once in a lifetime one lol
Been here a long time and that was a first!