Why I like festival

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Hello friends!

How are you all? Hope you all are doing well and enjoying yourself. I'm also good and come back after a short break, I took break to enjoy the festival, to cherish some beautiful memories. Now I'm here to share my memories and experience.

I live in India where we celebrate many festivals. And u know which festival is my favorite? Well, it's really a difficult choice for me, because all are my favorite. All are special in own way. And I think which festival we celebrate with our family, with our love once become favorite and special. Because festival Means take a break from your work , spent some time with your love once which make one alive , positive and more happier. No matter what is going on in your daily life, festival makes our life sparky, easy and beautiful. That's why I like festival because we can spend quality time with our family, feel free besides our daily life problems and difficulties , gets lots of positive vibes and can enjoy lots of foods and sweets 😋

Recently we celebrate a festival of lights, festival of happiness which typically lasting five days . This year we celebrate Diwali on 27th October. First day we celebrate dhanteras, second naraka chaturdashi then Diwali(Laxmi puja), goverdhan puja and at last day Bhai dooj.

For celebrating Diwali first we cleaning, renovating and decorating our homes, shopping, make sweets, decorate home with rangoli, lights and diyas( earth lamp) and performing religious rituals and Laxmi Pooja .

I would like to share all shots which I taken on this special festival( I know I'm bit late but there is no high time to share our happiness and memory) .

Let's enjoy:


These are diyas ( earth lamp). Diwali symbolises the victory of light over darkness , and also a story behind it, that's why we celebrate Diwali with lightning the diyas.




We make rangoli with colours/ fine powder and decorate the flour. Doing this we feel creative and Happy.


This one is made by my sister.


Decorate home with diyas.

Now jumped to my favorite section , food:,-)


This one is daal halwa.

This is besan chakki (katli).


Process of making chakki .

Kachories 😋


Kachori stuff.



Snacks made with refind flour (maida).

All these we made at home , nd lots of other food. I think now u can easily understand why I love festival:,-)

I'll share the details of all food item in my upcoming post.

On the festival something special is happening, we feel so relaxed , Happy and positive. After decorate home with lights we feel different with the same place.
Festival is the chance to be kid again and enjoy all moments:-)

Hope you all had a great day.


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Great post guru g good to see you back in form, Great photography Guru g.

Bhut bhut shukriya 😁

Wow .. these are some really amazing pictures you shared .. love the festival of light ❤

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So many festivals out there in india ^^ .. it must be so amazing if you live in a very small community and celebrate all of them together

Nice diwali photos

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The only reason why I love festival is the bottom 7 images. Color and lights are important but yaar mattai kya hai ye zayda important hain.. :-)

Hahaha... Shi h:-)