Comfort Food for Rainy Days

in food •  2 months ago 


I don't care how much it rains or how little it rains if I get the time to cook I will always cook Khichdi on such occasions. I feel like I got this trait from my grandfather as he always used to cook with me on such days. Anyways since it has been raining for a long time I decided to make some Khichdi which is just Rice and Lentils boiled together with of course some spices.


Now the Khichdi wouldn't taste good without some condiments to accompany it so a Fried Egg, some fried potatoes, some fried brinjals, and some chutney was the perfect condiments for today's dish. It was delicious and pretty fulfilling as I can't move a muscle after eating my Lunch.


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Looks interesting. I like to make chicken soup when the weather is nasty out.