Damn I am Missing Pizza

in #food7 months ago


I have been craving some Dominoes Pizzas for like a month or two and even though most of the restaurants are now open. I am still not eating out as in my opinion that's kinda risky and I definitely won't take a chance on that. But lately I have been seeing pictures of friends having Pizza and that has been pretty brutal for me as I Love eating Pizzas.


Now there is an option for me to make my own pizza in home but that would be a pain in my ass so I don't know if I should try making one. But if there is no vaccine coming out soon for the Covid-19 then I might be cooking pizzas in home as well.



Haha oh man I bet ya really want some.

I've been making my own with my sourdough, tomato sauce, cheese and veggies. I really enjoy my home made pizza. Hope you get your pizza fix too.