Had an Awesome Dinner

in #food2 months ago


Dinner today was so freaking good. Its Sunday here so I did go a tad bit overboard in the cooking department and I have to say I am glad that I went a little overboard. So for today, I went with a simple but at the same time a little complicated recipe. I had Mixed Fried Rice and some Chana Masala for my Dinner, I was also thinking about making a Raita but since its Night-Time, I discarded that Idea. So let's start from the very first Dish which is my

Mixed Fried Rice


So for my Mixed Fried Rice, I had to use Rice that was cooked ahead of Time and rested well as the best Fried Rices are made out of Previous day leftovers(Just My Opinion). So I fried all the addons beforehand which were my Cashews, Onions, Chicken Strips, Eggs, Carrots, and some Potato Slices as well. Once all the Addons were fried I put all the Rice in a Non-Stick Kadhai and started adding in little amounts of Ghee in it. Once the Ghee was completely enveloped with the rice I added in the addons and let them simmer for some time. Later on, I added some Salt and masalas to have some extra layer of flavor in my Mixed Fried Rice. So that's my Mixed Fried Rice and now let's move to my

Chana Masala


To make the Chana Masala I had to soak all the Chanas in water for over 30 hours as they are pretty hard. Even after soaking them for so long I still had to boil them in hot water for 10 minutes to be extra sure that they will be cooked properly. Meanwhile, I took some Onion Slices and started sauteeing them. In the middle of it, I also added some tomatoes and Ginger Paste to the mix. I let them simmer for a bit and then blended them in my Blender. In the next step, I fried the Chanas slightly and then added in the Blended Paste into the Pan, I also added salt and some other spices to the Mix. I poured in some water and let them simmer on a low flame until it looked good.

So yeah that's my Dinner for Tonight and I hope you guys loved it too.