It's Mango Doi my Bois

in #food2 months ago


Doesn't it look fabulous?

I can certainly say that it did taste super fabulous. I am not a huge fan of Yogurt but every once in a while it's not bad to have some. But today I was suggested this Mango Yogurt or Mango Doi from one of my friend's sweet shops. Even though I was kinda reluctant at first but since it was free of cost I just couldn't say no.
The o ly thing that I wanna say to you guys after tasting that Mango Yogurt is that I have no freaking idea how they made it so silky smooth in texture. I was quite pleasantly surprised as usually when we make Yogurt at home it's kinda grainy and does not have a silky texture but this was just spectacular.


I did try my hardest to convince my friend to tell me the process of making the Yogurt so smooth but he was not one to budge at all. He just said if you wanna have the same then just buy it from my shop, which in my opinion was a fair point. Anyways I will be visiting his shop twice a week to experience this Beauty until I get bored with the flavor.