Taste of Stolen Fruits

in food •  3 months ago 


Hehe, of course, I am joking when I say I stole them. Ok if you look at it one way I did steal it but from a friend's house who was already supposed to give some to me so it is up for debate whether I stole it or not. But what I really wanna talk about is how sweet and juicy those Litchis were. It is a little early for the Litchi Fruits to ripe but some of them turned out to be super sweet and juicy.


You must be wondering why I am talking about the timing of the fruits being Ripe, its, because I feel like the earth itself, is healing a lot. The Temperatures have been quite low considering its Summer and the Air is clean. I don't know if it's just me feeling these things but I have to say that this is the only aspect of life that I am currently enjoying.

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Ah I love Litchi fruit.. real good.

I am not a huge fan of them as they are kinda in between sweet and savory in flavor but I do love the pure Juicyness it has and the Fibre helps too.