The Process of Making a Pickle

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It's currently the season of the Mangoes so we most definitely need to make ourselves some mango pickle so that I can enjoy this at a later time. But since I have never made a pickle in my life I had to seek help from my Mom who just happens to be a master in making pickles.

Just Kidding my Mom is not a Master of making Pickles, she is the Master of all kinds of Indian Cuisine. Hehe had to praise my Mom.

So to make the pickle my mom gave me a list of spices which was very long and I forgot a lot of their names but the basic were Black Pepper, Jeera Powder, Ajwain and other stuff. Apart from that I did have to prepare the Mangoes for like a week and dry them under sunlight which was quite hard since it has been raining quite often. But now I am finally done with it and now all I need to do is wait and let the pickle mix up. Plus I have to put the Jar under sunlight almost every single day.


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I haven't heard of pickle before.

if you have never eaten a pickle your missing out. Try one.. its a cucumber that been soaked in a brine and other spices.

I will need to check it out. I have not eaten it before.

Oh nice! Fermented food is real good for ya. And its a great way to preserve food without refrigeration.