Time for some Pineapples

in #food6 months ago


Pineapples are one of my top 5 favorite fruits to eat that are easily accessible to me where I stay and lucky for me my Mom and Dad are currently staying at the Land of Pineapples or the Capital of Pineapples something along those lines. It basically means a lot of Pineapples are grown there and it is an important part of the culture at that place. Lucky for me that means easy and cheap access to Pineapples and the cherry on top is the fact that it is not adulterated at all. It comes straight from the farm to my plate.
I bought this Pineapple, in fact, I bought 10 pineapples to giveaway at 5 cents a piece which is pretty cheap right but it was also fresh and juicy.


So I kept the pineapple in my room for 24 hours before eating it as it allows for the pineapple to be fully ripe. Now, this was the very first time I had ever diced a pineapple so please don't mind the huge chunks. As the pineapple was sweet I decided to add some Salt and some Pepper to the mix and eat it. It was awesome and I loved it except for the center part of the Pineapple which was supposed to be left out but I didn't know about that. So yeah there is room for me to grow more.



They're also one of my favorite fruits. Greetings