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"Pehle pet Pooja fir kaam dooja" that's my motto for Everything:,-)

hello and happy weekend

hope you all are in good health, I'm also good and recover fast after a burning-accident( even it was a minor accident but a horrible experience), but still it is hurting and feeling a little bit low because not able to go outside and after a long day , feel alone.

So in the evening I decided to cook something and divert myself because some weared thoughts was bothering me.
I decided to cook dhokla; a simple , easy to cook and healthy recipe.


Dhokla is a Gujrati food, can be eaten for breakfast or snack.


Dhokla is one of the specialities of Gujarati cuisine.

There r 2 different recipe , khaman and dhokla . Usually khaman is made by Gram flour and dhokla with rice flour. But today what I do, used 2 bowl gram flour and add 1 bowl semolina.

To prepare this delicious recipe I took 1 bowl , add gram flour, semolina, salt, curd, lemon juice, water and baking soda , a pinch turmaric powder (can add little sugar also)
And make the batter.
Now leave the batter for 1 hour to ferment.

After that cook for 20-25 minutes (steem) , allow to dish to cool , cut into pieces and pour tempering which I made aside with oil , mustards seeds and green chilly and enjoy .

Khaman dhokla is sweet and sour in the taste.

I decided to start the series of food photography , let's see .

good thing is that food always makes me happy.

Hope you also enjoyed and have taste food for dinner 😋



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Are waah guru g you are full of hidden talents.

Thanks...I love cooking, it makes me happy:-)

wow, great. then you should try something new daily that will make you happy daily. fr weight bdh gya to Ulta ho jayega...:,-)

he heee, ye be ek bade samsya he hai aj kl, aaj kl sab fit he rehna chate hai that is great you are health conscious. that good.👌

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Looks very interesting! I would like to try it.

Sure! It's really a tasty and healthy recipe... have a great day 😀

Nice Photography. The food looks delicious.

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Thanks for stopping by😀