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RE: Steemit Inc releases statement prior to stealing funds with HF23

in #fraudlast year

This war is insane but how about up the ante. Just pop up some witness nodes to run the current version of the STEEM chain. Pop up a front end and the contact the exchanges and say there is the STEEM classic chain still running to protect users funds and get the support for that so we have HIVE, STEEM-SUN, and STEEM Classic ...... 3 times the fun and 3 times the rewards and drama!!!!!!!!


lol, is that possible?

Yeah, essentially the same thing that was done with hive in some respects but instead of initiating a fork with changes the setup would be set to stay on the original chain and let Justin jump away onto his new chain. Same thing with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Ethereum classic is actually a continuation of the original chain.

This is actually a great idea. I hope it is executable :)


Lol this would make my day