Steemit Inc releases statement prior to stealing funds with HF23

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Only a few hours until hard fork 23 lands on Steem. The "primary" change is reducing the power down from 13 weeks to 4 weeks, but the real purpose is to steal over 23 million Steem from legitimate stakeholders.

He claims Steemit Inc is not involved, yet all the top 20 witnesses are put in place by his vote, effectively removing the community chosen witnesses.

I find a few things interesting about this hard fork outside of the obvious theft of Steem tokens.

  • The 23 million+ Steem tokens being stolen are going to an anonymously created account from 11 days ago.

  • They claim it is to protect the Steem blockchain, but most of the users on the list haven't done anything malicious. Their claim is that voting for the original community chosen witnesses with a large amount of stake condemns you to account seizure.

  • Accounts like mottler haven't had any transactions since 2016 and both of his accounts are going to lose over 2.5M Steem. This point, in particular, is very telling of their motives.

  • Most account holders on that list have been powering down and trying to get out of Steem as fast as possible and have not taken part in spam, harassment, or threatening as they have claimed. Their only "crime" is powering down and selling Steem, something that most users have been doing since day one.

  • Yuchen Sun claims to have no part in this yet his single vote is what determines the top 20 witnesses. He also claimed to want no part in consensus but has been voting the top 20 witnesses for most of the time he has been on Steem. This is the second time he has claimed to have no part in stealing Steem assets from legitimate stakeholders.

  • Yuchen Sun consistently misleads the media by stating Steem stakeholders have had assets stolen, instead of the truth which is they did not receive free tokens on a new blockchain. He claims to be working with law enforcement to get funds back but those free tokens (aka funds) never existed until we created them with hard fork 23.

  • Yuchen Sun is unapproving human witnesses on Steem and replacing it with fresh sock puppet accounts likely to ensure the hard fork goes through. I know one of the people who had a discussion with Yuchen Sun about being a witness was offered money and expenses to "blindly push through my hard forks".

There are less than 8 hours until this hard fork is activated. All exchanges have been contacted and many have responded they are looking into it. There is a non-zero chance this hard fork will not be accepted by exchanges and/or the Steem token is delisted.


This war is insane but how about up the ante. Just pop up some witness nodes to run the current version of the STEEM chain. Pop up a front end and the contact the exchanges and say there is the STEEM classic chain still running to protect users funds and get the support for that so we have HIVE, STEEM-SUN, and STEEM Classic ...... 3 times the fun and 3 times the rewards and drama!!!!!!!!

lol, is that possible?

Yeah, essentially the same thing that was done with hive in some respects but instead of initiating a fork with changes the setup would be set to stay on the original chain and let Justin jump away onto his new chain. Same thing with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Ethereum classic is actually a continuation of the original chain.

This is actually a great idea. I hope it is executable :)


Lol this would make my day

I hadn't realised it was so bad over on steem. I've been posting my maths vids on both chains, but I think I will power down over there and focus on hive

Definitely focus on Hive now.

Good luck. The infra is so bad over there sometimes you hit "Post" and the thing doesn't pop up for a couple of hours.

Shame on Steemit. Shame on Justin sun. So unreliable

Do you have any idea why (some) others like Glory7 and his Korean fellows are so positive about steem?

I have no idea, I can only guess. I think they are pissed they didn't get free Hive tokens and basically digging their heels in.

Fucking insane.


More analogies if people want them to help explain:

Just because you run the software at the bank, you can't zero a balance. You can close the account, hand over the funds and not do business, but you can't zero the account - or worse, transfer the funds to an anonymous 3rd party you invented last week.

It'll be fun to watch Sun walk into court claiming he stole people's money because they didn't give him and his friends a gift a few weeks earlier.

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He must be thick as shit if he truly believes that they had tokens stolen. Going to the FBI? Go ahead you dumb shit. They'll laugh you out of the building.

Here is the text of Justin Sun's statement:

First of all, both Steemit Inc. and I are not involved in this hard fork. However, I do have sympathy for current Steem witnesses and can see where they are coming from. The Hive witnesses took their assets away from them by force, causing huge losses to them.

I am not involved in this decision in any way, but as a member of the Steem community, I am entitled to my own opinions. Since Hive took the assets from the Steem witnesses, @vitalikButerin & the misleading media have been 100% supportive of it. In my view, any media that covers this should interview the current #STEEM witnesses about their side of the story.

As for Steemit Inc., many millions of dollars were stolen by Hive witnesses. We are working w/ law enforcement & will take actions to get our funds back! We have lots of sympathy for all Steem witnesses who has suffered the same at the hands of the Hive witnesses.

May his deceit and manipulations be forever recorded in the Hive blockchain.

This guy....

We should definetly make some noise with this with regards to current steem users and media outlets because a lot of people don't really inform themselves about what is happening and just follow their friends. The devil is in the details so we need to make sure people know them.

What a joke!!! Sorry about your funds man!!

How many yes men does Mr. Sun likely employ to agree with everything he says? I wonder.

He really believes there is no other true perspective than his own.

It's as if he fires everyone who tells him, "Ya know, that's probably not the best idea."

Much like President Trump...

A massive control freak who has to ensure he has 100000% control of everything before he dives into a situation claiming to not have any involvement would be hilarious if this entire situation was not so messed up.

Frankly i'm growing tired of anyone who still wants to support and daily post content over there thinking everything will just blow over after all the stuff that has gone down. I guess some just like walking off a cliff and acting like it's fine.

@markymark please keep screenshots and other records of Justin Sun's actions in moving @dev365's witness votes to sock puppets to process the fork.
We'll be using this evidence in Court.

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The IRS considers a hard fork the creation of a new asset class. One cannot steal an airdrop since the property is newly created and has never been in the possession of the legacy wallet.

Justin's claim that anything was stolen is ridiculous. If he is referring to the Steemit Ninjamine stake, I'm fairly certain, that was just temporary frozen, and recovered in its entirety over 3 months ago.

As for assets being frozen. Cryptocurrency Exchanges and blockchains do this all the time, intentionally or not.

However, as for assets being seized, something hardfork 23 on Steem intends to do, this is entire without precedence and most certainly theft.
I feel sorry for the people affected. Please resort to legal recourse first.

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The IRS considers a chain fork or split, which is mirrored, to be the creation of a new asset. Any funds distribution is classified as an airdrop.

So your opinion is misinformed and factually incorrect, sir.

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You grossly misinterpreted my point.

To clarify, Hive was a chain split, an airdrop, and a taxable event. It could not be stolen from those excluded because they never owned any.
Ownership of Hive prior to the split cannot be demonstrated because Hive didn't exist.

Steem HF23 was not a chain split, was not airdropped, and was not a taxable event. The siezed steem was stolen because it was owned. Ownership of Steem prior to HF23 is very easy to demonstrate.

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So you are too young to remember Dawn Fraser the Australian swimmer. Gold medalist 3 times in the same event (100m free). She was beautiful (I was 13 when she won her last medal) and had bought a tavern with a sign in it "Credit is like sex. Some get it some don't." That's pretty much how I feel about the JS minions claims on Hive and the airdrop.

Entirely unrelated to the current theft. I'm not currently on the list, but I mourn for those of you who are.

At night like thieves they are doing this against our rights and freedoms. Another proof why Steem is doomed and Hive will prosper.


Justin is so damn stupid. Trying to pull the old, “this isn’t my hardfork. I was just holding it for a friend”. Never going to work.

It's definitely crazy, what more will Justin Sun not do that's not worse than this?

sad to see you and all the others on that list... I hope you at least got some out through powerdowns before this

I want to see this case in court, this is going to be historic.

"Justice must be done and the plague must be eliminated".

Thank you!

LG Michael


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With the above statement by Mr. Tron and me being extremely literal,
is Mr. Tron lying, or does he really feel that way?

Maybe he really does feel robbed. He bought controlling stake in the franchise and the big players left for another ball field.

Or is this a much bigger thing?
Block-one, the supporting cast, lived on a boat for months to avoid child rape charges.
And so, this cast started a couple things including STEEM.
Was it always that they intended to control the free-press aspect of blockchain via the first mover aspect?
This conspiracy theory makes more sense than what Mr. Tron wrote above.

Well, what Mr. Tron wrote above make a whole lot more sense if you include that he was supposed to bring the hammer down and control the free-press and has failed in his task.

Dan Larimer an alledged child rapist?

So are you saying they were charges against him for child rape?

I do not remember names well.

It all started with >en
and then to

Bix Weir of tells the story the best, but i can't find it. He does a video a day.

This video is of >en

There is a top 20 witness maverick that I am friends with. I told him "funds are safu" is more value than robbing you out of your tokens in spite. He said he voted against the idea but would not say who was for it. Even though you and I don't see eye to eye about flagging, what they are doing is wrong and YOU HAVE 100% right to YOUR TOKENS! I also brought it up on one of there community posts that got a response by them.

I don't have much left on Steem as I started my powerdown a while back. The only other thing I thought to do was to also remove all my content from my steem blog as well. I'm almost done, but what I am doing, as one of the many tiny accounts on the chain, was to remove my content from each post and to put a link to my hive version of that blog post. I figure if I can't do anything significant like move some big money around or set up witness accounts, I can at least take my content away.

This is a time saver!


You're welcome :)

Wow! Thanks for the update.

This is becoming a big war in the crypto space. I want to accept that this is not a tit-for-tata scenario due to the frozen steemit Inc fund that was frozen the last time. And this coming as the payback time.

Justin Sun is the anti Vitalik. Also let us not forget this rare moment of honesty from Justin.

Who is going to buy steem now with the possibility forever hanging over their heads that their funds may be stolen later? I can't think of a worse move, this has to be criminal. How much steem did you have @themarkymark ?

Absolute insanity.