Crypto Pumps/Dumps - The Art of Not Yet and The Science of More

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So since people can't say covid virus on youtube without fears of their videos or streams being taken down some youtubers are calling it the convict virus to trick the algorithm. 😂 Man some people got jokes, but jokes can also have a lot of truth in them, or so I have heard.

Anyways, onto the salad of this post.

As I was saying, it's rather hard to keep humans happy specially when it comes to money making endeavors.

Ever since long long time ago back when Steem was my go to shitposting grounds and I found out that that the lower token's price goes the more units of that token you earn, each time the price would go below 25 cents I'd suddenly find myself with more motivation than ever to create content, only for it to slowly dissipate as the suffocating bears linger on and have me yearning for a bullrun.

As dissipating as said motivation may be though, enthusiasm continually gets artificially pumped. Materialistic enthusiasm is as good as any.

Why? Because, yes less bragging rights to non hivians/steemians but, more to power up. Because, yes less splurging but, more to sell when "right time" arrives and Hive has become the online honeypot.

But as fate would have it, the price never rises enough to be worth selling some of that hard earned Hive. Instead it seems I'm forever bound to keep powering up or trading for monsters, crystals or engine shitcoins. All of which except for most eng shitcoins, I end up being grateful for in the long run.

Speaking of runs, I have mixed feelings about my mixed feelings about bull runs. Yes non Hivians/steemians are more prone to adopt us due to the perceived huge💲post payouts compared to when the token's price is low, and sure more potential eyes on my content come out of the woodworks in such instances but, less Hive post payout. Demoralizing at times.

At least soon I'll be ballin offline, when right time arrives. Any second now.... ⌚😒

Seriously though, one of these days I have to get my first cash out badge. Italian menus have been too much on my mind lately and the lack of gigs isn't sponsoring them, nor my forgotten voyages, or any of my other vices for that matter.

On the other serious note, indulging in such fleeting moments may be detrimental to my long term goals so probably smart to just wait a while longer. But then again I also have heard them say, and I'm paraphrasing here, sometimes you have to go ham and fuck shit it up!

Decisions decisions. Man Confucius would have such a field day being in my financial dilemma right now.

Selfie of today's dinner to celebrate the resuscitation of my phone.

Yeaaah, I only remembered to take it as I was finishing the food. I was very hungry.


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