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The good thing about this low-tide on steem today is the fact, that most automation on steem is down. So when you're "cruising" the feeds of the communities you can see the "real value" of the posts made.

Especially on the ones of the, so called, content creators are interesting to check. The normally huge up-votes are quite moderate and this is really good to see. You realize that even their posts aren't really read. Yeah, it asures me, that without the bots and automated voting, they become "humans" like you and me again.

The whole thing is about what again? Yeah, MONEY! What else would make so much waves? Since I was born, educated and trained in the Capitals Capitol called Switzerland, this is just regular info. Not even worth the title News. Let me write about the way of "rich" folks... (out of a comment I made not long ago)

From the beginning I knew that somethings off. In my childhood everybody told be: "No worries, you gonna understand one day! Now shut up and do what we tell you is right!" The day never came and I never did...

As "adult" I got tired of asking always the same questions on why we can't live together in a peaceful an fair way, especially with all the richness all over! Playing the "being blind" game was working only for a couple of years, until the real nature in me started rebelling against me and the rebel I left behind some time ago needed to come back. I started to live the respectful way for me and all and lost "everything". People treated me Psycho and worse for living my life and I wasn't even asking them the why anymore.

After 15 years of going trough any possibility I could find to work with humans for this "change for the better"... I realized that all is based on the judgement of a government and their rules, directed by money. Same here on steem. I do appreciate all the effort of institutions who want to change, like greenpeace, redcross or whatever you want to name here... it is a start and places where you can find some humans, with the right thinking for this "better world". Only, always in the parameters of "the law" of governments and/or some "I-know-better-then-you-folks-person". If you observe this fact you'll understand when I say: "If you put sugar on crap, it still is crap."

As long we support the "rulers" with money, we wont be able to live in liberty. So with 42 years I decided that I gonna show to myself that it is possible to get rid of all this slavery we're forced into. That's 11 years now I'm living "outside" the rules of society. No more forced obligations and I accept all consequences coming with that, like no more passport all my travels are a little different, like no more banc account all my life style is based on exchange of something to assure I have eaten everyday...

Today I know for a fact that it's possible to live without governance and without a monetary system... It's all in the mind!

I really like the calm before a storm...

Peace Love and Togetherness

Dan "The Dude" Mondoshawan

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