I joined the gym this year with a full time subscription, maybe the pandemia it's my fault?

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Maybe I must admit it was my fault, the covid 19, I mean.
I never went to a gym before in my life and I never subscribe a one yera full contract in a gym.

This year due to my personal mental problems, my psychiatrist suggest me to join a gym, because it can help with endorphins or something similar and it can help my mood and my health and can also be useful to maintain a normal weight also if I am under medicines that make me put on weight easily.

So I visited this gym, I was suspicious initially because I was not used to a gym but I felt good vibration and I had good intentions so I subscribe according to my financial status a full year subscription.
Some says "Wow a miracle" because I am really not the sporty type, my favorite spirt is watching TV series on the sofa, eating junk food and reading on bed so I am not so much active in any activity that concern the use of the body more than walk from house to the market.

Si that's why I say it was my fault the pandemia some God or similar must be so surprised of my subscription that say "OK, she join a gym the world must end".

By the way I use sarcasm to fight the situation but I am very worried and I and anxiety about the new wave of cases here in Italy.

I am also sorry for all who work in gyms etc.. Because it's not easy pay taxes if they don't work, it's not possible. So I really send a big hug to them.
I also miss the gym because once I tried it I loved it and I followed many courses, now I can follow some online, but it's not the same thing.

I hope this situation will end soon for everyone.
And I hope all of you are safe and well.

Have a nice Monday.


Good luck with getting back into your excercise routine again! I know it can be tough doing it from home and staying motivated but I’m sure you can do it, every day is one day closer to your goals so no need to rush

I do think a lot of gyms will not come back when this is all over and I feel for the employees there it’s going to tough

I'm more worried for gym owner and worker, I will try to do exercise by myself but I feel sorry for them

Yeah its unfortunate, but not much we can do, this looks like it won't end any time soon and there's only so much we can do online. I have a feeling many people will have to re-skill into new jobs over the next 5 years