Long Stabby Thing

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If you haven't heard of Karl Stefanovic, let me introduce you.

While I am not Australian, I would frequently watch clips their morning show because Karl is just so damn funny. Karl is a morning talk show host on the Australian's Today show.

The show has far more liberty than we do in the US and is frequently filled with jokes, pranks, and innuendos. The first one I saw was the "long stabby thing" episode which is the name of the subreddit about him.

Georgie, Lisa, and Karl talk about things they have near their bed to defend themselves if someone broke into their house, what follows is amazing morning TV.

What makes Karl amazing is his laugh, but in the days of Georgie & Lisa they had amazing chemistry and ability to work off each other. Karl was eventually fired over talking bad about a colleague and divorcing his wife for a younger woman and rehired at the end of last year when the station saw their ratings drop for a few years since his departure. I haven't seen anything since he returned, so I am not sure it is as good without Georgie and Lisa.

Karl was cast for the 2016 Independence Day movie as himself but it ended up not making the final film.

I've watched almost every clip I could find with Karl and the Today show, but here are some really good ones that made me laugh.

Karl interviews guy who lost wedding ring to a cow

Karl meats Grumpy cat

Pussy get out of my pants

Pet toys

Did you swallow?

Female Parking Spaces

You got a big one

If you want to see more, just search for Karl Stefanovic on YouTube and there are tons of clips.

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I almost included this one.

myeh but of the one's I linked are more cringe than funny so maybe didn't fit the others :D

My favorites are when he loses it laughing, his laugh is a riot.

This one's my fav tho, what are the odds

I'm Australian and he's awesome. I'm so sad they deleted his best bit ever when he hosted the morning show at a Logies award show and he was still drunk that morning.

Oooooo yahhhh i remember that!!!

izza classic!

lol, might need to watch tv

I’ve never seen him on tv, I just watch clips on YouTube. I'd probably watch if there was a way to get the show here.

Yes, his laugh is infectious. :-))

This is one of my most memorable ones. (and for non-Australians a "plugger" is a thong (not a g-string, a flip-flop). :)

shuda been wearing double pluggers

Thanks for the laughs. Australia is so relaxed (still); time I go back for another 3 months soon!

I’d never watched this show, but have heard of it. Those are some epic clips.

I remember many years ago a friend from Singapore turned me on to CNNN and The Chaser’s War. Boy did they get away with a lot in those shows.

@ Pet toys

My dog can play dead too.

Only once.

Karl’s interview with the anti mask lady was good yesterday. He was fed up with her stupidity and just cut her off.

I also liked the fact he actually wore the same suit for a year a few years ago and nobody found out to make a point that nobody notice what he wore as most focus are on the female host in terms of fashion and why females are being judged all the time for what they wore and if they decide to recycle an outfit and it gets on the news.

Thanks for the laughs. We need it now.