Battlegames Witness Celebration Bonanza!

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This is your Battlegames captain @agr8buzz speaking, our new witness server is a big deal for us! Dare we say worthy of celebration!

I'm quickly approaching the 3 year mark on our blockchain (June 16), and am incredibly stoked on bringing Hive Blockchain Gaming to the forefront, and our new @battlegames witness allows us to do just this. You can catch our witness announcement post here.

So Let's Celebrate!

Announcing the Battlegames Witness Celebration Bonanza! 🏆

The event starts today Monday, June 1st and runs until to Sunday, June 7th and includes not 1 but 3 Splinterlands anytime tournaments, and 2 giveaways with awesome prizes courtesy of our celebration sponsors, Hive's very own dCity, Rising Star, and Exode.

The Loot: Our 3 Splinterlands tournaments will award a total of 10k DEC each + a combined total of 4,800 dCity's SIM tokens! 🔥

3 FREE Splinterlands Anytime Tournaments

2 FREE Epic Giveaways

#1 Reblog this witness celebration post and you're entered into a random draw to win 1 of the following prizes:

  • Exode Single Origin Starter + 2 Boosters
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • 1 dCity Restaurant NFT Asset
  • 500 SIM Tokens
  • 4 Splinterlands cards.

#2 On Thursday June 4th watch for a Lootfest Giveaway Post from @battlegames, make a comment on the post and you'll be entered into a random draw to win 1 of the following prizes:

  • Exode Triple Origen starter pack + 2 boosters
  • Exode Triple Origen starter pack + 2 boosters
  • Exode Single Origin Starter + 2 Boosters
  • Exode Single Origin Starter + 2 Boosters
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • 1 dCity restaurant NFT Asset
  • 500 SIM Tokens
  • 4 Splinterlands cards

Our Celebration Sponsors


dCity | @dcitygame

dCity is city simulation game where players manage real in-game city assets in order to maximize their city's full potential. Players are able to climb the latter and earn HIVE by increasing population, or earn SIM tokens by putting your citizens to work and generating income.

dCity is on the verge of its first major update with loads of exciting new cards, new events, features, government, and a tech-tree! You can read up on the upcoming major update here. 🏦


Rising Star | @risingstargame

Rising Star is a Free to Play music career simulator game, all you need to play is the Hive Keychain browser extension and you're good to go!

Rising star is a fun take on the life of an up and coming musician starting from the bottom and building up your fan base, playing bigger and better gigs, collecting instruments, band mates, and fans along the way. In game assets are ownable NFT's that can also be traded on a market. Quite possibly the best Hive idle game that is fully integrated with the chain. For more information you can checkout the Rising Star Discord server.


Exode | @exodenews

Exode is a space exploration and colonization game currently in development with a playable alpha release. The game mixes classic TCG elements and resource management in a unique way that brings an exciting new style of game play and asset ownership to the Hive Blockchain gaming scene.

Lead developer at Exode @elindos has been pushing out updates left right and centre at breakneck hyperdrive speeds in keeping with their roadmap and milestones. Pop into the Exode Discord server with any questions, the active and friendly CM's will be happy to show you around.

Please consider voting our witness to support Hive Blockchain Gaming.


Reblog this post! That's your first chance at grabbing some loot!

Stay tuned for more to come and thank you to the Hive Blockchain Gaming community for your continued support and strong belief in Blockchain gaming as use case for the Hive Blockchain!

Please consider supporting us on our mission with a witness vote, help us push blockchain gaming to the forefront!


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Sounds good! Reblogged )

Thank you for the reblog, the witness vote, and continued support of blockchain gaming on Hive! 👊

Congratulations team battle! And nice giveaways ! Will play your tourneys! Keep it going!

Best-0-luck and the tourneys and thanks for the long time support mango's 👊

I am playing all but Exode so I will check that out.

Most excellent to hear! Worth keeping an eye on, updates coming fast and frequently! 👊

Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks for the support! 👊

Reblogged, Battlegames to the top !!!

woop woop thanks for the reblog! 👊

Re-blog! Very nice giveaway!

Thanks for the re-blog! 👊

Nice way to celebrate!


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Hey thanks, thought it would be fun celebrate and cross promote a few Hive games at the same time, it's a win win 👊

Awesome, reblogged.

Awesome, Thanks for the reblog 🤘

Blockchain gaming is the future!

Absolutely, and I want Hive blockchain gaming to be right there in the mix!


As a matter of fact I'm sipping a DDH IPA right now 👊 Cheers! 🍺

Wow, thats an impressive celebration!
Splinterlands and Exode are two reasons why HIVE is the STEEM killer :)
Looking forward to the tournies!

Thanks for the support and best of luck in the tournies! 👊

I re-blogged this post! Thanks for the chance.

Awesome, thanks and best-0-luck!👊


Pilot! Thanks for contributing Exode prizes and making this giveaway extra awesome! 👊

Awesomeness. Excited about all 3 of these games!!!

The future is bright for Hive Blockchain Gaming! 👊

I haven't tried Exode and Rising star yet. I will try to start playing them some day. I'm just playing dCity for now. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway by the way. 😀

You're most welcome Bala and thanks for the reblog! 👊

Cool 😀

Look forward to welcoming you on your journey to mega stardom!

Ah thanks. I'll try to start soon. 😀

Happily gave you my last remaining witness vote and reblogged. I have joined all of the anytime tournaments as well. Best of Luck to Everyone!

🙏 Thanks for the reblog and for the witness vote, your support and trust means a lot! We're super accessible and always communicating with gaming community members. You'll see regular updtes and if you ever have any questions or concerns do let me know 😄

Haven't bought exode starter pack yet

Thanks for the reblog, and fingers crossed you win one! how perfect would that be! In total between the reblog giveaway and Thursdays giveaway we have 5 Exode starters to be looted..

Reblogged. This is awesome.

Thanks for the reblog!! 👊

Thanks will try out few games u have mentioned in these post.

Awesome, glad you found some new games!! 🔥