dCity: Get Out & Vote For Your Next Prez!

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Congrats to the dCity team on rolling the much anticipated and exciting new feature.

dCity officially introduces in-game governance, and stake weighted voting. I think this is quite possibly a first in the crypto gaming space, correct me if I'm wrong.

All dCity players can easily vote for their next leader with the amount of SIM they hold determining the weight of their vote. Elected leaders will be able to impact both the Fiscal and Monetary policy of the game, as their influence will not only determine the taxation rate but can also impact the rate of SIM inflation.

How To Vote

From the main menu click on the Government tab and you'll be taken to a list of current candidates.

From the list of candidates simply click on the Vote button next to the candidate you wish to support.


Alright you know what to do, get out there and vote!

Every vote counts!

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@rishi556 for prez!

what do you like about their campaign so far?

This was an update I was waiting for. Voted for @ecoinstant

Seriously, this is a novel concept, really pumped to see how this goes!

Nice. I bought my first cards today.

Awesome! Have you decided on any type of strategy yet?

I think I don't have enough cards really to strategize yet.