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Find it difficult at times to keep track of all the blockchain games in development across the Hive blockchain, well look no further..

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@splinterlands | Splinterlands Updates - ΛZMΛRÉ Dice & More!

Hello everyone! We have a bunch of updates and new additions that we are excited to share with you, including more details about the upcoming replacement for the sold out Essence Orb packs and a new blockchain / crypto wallet software integration that we hope will help promote the game to a significant group of new cryptocurrency users! As always, please let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

Rising Star

@risingstargame | Rising Star Update - Limited Card Supplies

A new update to Rising Star is here, which is the start of cards having a limited supply! The first card to have this limited supply is the '5 Skater' card, which will have a maximum of 200 total. Once the total of all player-owned 5 Skater cards reaches 200, it will no longer be available in card packs and will only be obtainable from other players on the marketplace!

IBT Survival Island

@ibt-survival | IBT Survival Island - Weekly Update

Welcome to another weekly IBT survival Island update - exclusive to Hive. In these weekly updates we will do our best to briefly provide IBT community members with an update on our developing PC game, yup the one to have Crypto interactions.


@piggericks | New Version is Live!

We will shortly introduce a new game Type: Experience ladder. These games work exactly like the battles you are used to, except you cannot lose your pigs at the end of it. And conversely you can also not win any pigs. There still however will be risk, as you gain experience with wins, and lose experience with losses. Both will be higher than in Battle for pigs mode.


@cityhelper | CityHelper Introduction and Tutorial

Hello all dCity players! Many of you are already aware of and actively using CityHelper to manage your cities, but many others are not. After 5 months, I'm finally writing an official introduction post and tutorial.

Crypto Brew Master

@cryptobrewmaster | A Few Market Screen Prototypes

While we are at the alpha 1.2 development there are some new features that already available at the @cryptobrewmaster, about which we will talk later during a video review, for now we wanted to share some market screens prototypes :)


@holybread | Holybread - New Week, New Code!

Things are busy as we are trying to get a stable beta-test server up and running for the Season 1 code. @buddy.nole is hard at work on dungeons. Once the dungeons are done we should be able to have some "rough" code to test.


@exodenews | The Baldie Challenge Aftermath, Part Seven: All Good Things Come To An End

Welcome to the Grande Finale of the Baldie Challenge. Today we will take a look at the last 15 days for our 4 Captains still alive.


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I can’t reach the battlegames site, is it ded?


yep, didn't renew the domain. will be moving it to a subdomain on in the near future 😀

Alright cool :D

Site looks promising - you'll have fresh news to brighten up the homepage every day.

I won a golden bucket!

It's getting hard to keep track of everything going on.
Thanks for the help.

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