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Wowww this might be a first for me.

Probably for the first time since I leveled up ALL my BETA summoners to at least level 5, this is the first that I was not able to advance to the DIAMOND II leagues with less than 3 and a half days left before the season ends.

Normally with 3 and a half days left before the season ends, I would be in going back and forth in the DIAMOND II - DIAMOND I leagues or just hanging out in the DIAMOND I leagues closing but not reaching the CHAMPIONS league.


But this season is not at all like that seeing that I am still in the DIAMOND III leagues even barely winning most of my opponents on this league. This morning out of 20 ranked matches I lost 13!!!

Surprisingly when I logged in on the game this afternoon I was able to grab some wins and get some sweet 15-25 ratings increase per win making me closer to DIAMOND II leagues now.


Still, it's pretty alarming how I am having trouble even in the lowest DIAMOND leagues. I do understand having trouble close to DIAMOND I leagues since that's like 200-300 BP away from the CHAMPIONS but good Lord why am I having trouble already in the DIAMOND III leagues. Lol


What? it happened to you? No way!

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