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RE: 🌺 Hive Community Garden Journal Challenge - March - Winners Announcement

in #gardenjournal7 months ago

Glad you are carrying on with the contest - think we can all relate to the real life stuff getting in the way and can be demotivating but also good to see that people are still getting involved too.

I don't think the downvotes on SBI or HBI (whatever it will become) will go away but HIVE prizes are always good.


If the downvotes are still going, I'd better stick to the liquid HIVE.... It's a shame... I really like SBI

Yeah, looking at the behaviour of the main protagonist, they will continue. I sold all my SBI shares a while back in their Discord but a lot still use it. Some class it as a bid bot or vote buying 🤷‍♂

I still have mine. Just noticed they're indeed voting my posts. So far, no downvotes, but I think I'd rather get rid of them all...