Suman (Rice Cake)

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"Suman" is a rice cake that originated from the rural areas of the Philippines. Since the country is rich in rice fields, coconut and banana trees, Suman is a product of their merging.


Suman is made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk with a little sugar, often wrapped in banana leaves or coconut leaves, for steaming. It is usually eaten sprinkled with muscovado sugar or laden with latik or just plain as it is.


I am lucky to have a regular supply of Suman from my regular Suman Vendor who roams around our streets early in the morning selling his still hot Suman , which means it is still freshly cooked a few hours ago.


He sells these delicious Sumans in two kinds. The thinner ones cost 25 pesos while the thicker ones are at 35 pesos each. He places them im a styrofoam box so that the heat and aroma of the freshly cooked will still be there as he moves around town.


If you are looking for a real hero & a true frontliner, i Ibelieve , roaming street vendors like him are the real deal. They brave the streets despite the danger of being infected to earn a decent living for their family. He is not just Mister Suman, for me he is Superman !

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Masarap yan almusal sa umaga, nakakabusog, saka pede mong ibaon, sa mga laging on the go pag papasok sa work. 😊

Korek. Tinutulungan pa natin ang local small entepreneurs

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Have a nice day. Hats off to all vendors