Nymeria from Siberia🐾

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Nymeria from Siberia!


Getting a husky puppy was not in our plans nor supposed to happen until my son graduated from college -- at least after he had a place of his own after graduating from college.

We were already blessed a brand new granddaughter who arived three weeks earlier than expected.

Fate had other plans...

We can blame it on the circumstances related to the Coronavirus. After having dogs all of our lives, being isolated in a house without a dog is not fun.

And who has the willpower to resist the cuteness of a husky puppy? Nobody I'm related to, that's for certain!

We got weak!

"I get weak when I look at you, Weak when we touch; I can't speak when I look in your eyes. I get weak when you're next to me; Weak from this love, I can't speak when I look in your eyes. I get weak."

-Belinda Carlisle




Be warned my blog is about to be flooded with husky puppy posts!

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So very cute and his got pretty alert eyes already i love Husky dogs 👍

OMG I see what you mean, who could resist! Once you look and see that face, its all over!

Can I be the auntie and babysit??? Sweet!!

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Haha,I love huskies. We had a male and female years ago. They are so sweet, but of course love to run as fast as they can if they escape the backyard! My sister and her husband have raised at least 4 litters of huskies. I got my female husky way back in 1984 from their 1st litter and she lived about 13 years. Her name was "Laska" short for Alaskan Spirit. We ended up adopting a male husky that some other people rejected! He lived to be about 11 years old. His name was Bear. Enjoy your new puppy!

The puppy looks beautiful!!
We recently got a puppy (mixed breed) from an animal rescue center, but a new puppy is a real handful!!

Oh love, love, LOVE- even the cranky little look on his face,....😍

Nymeria is quiet pretty and fluffy too. As I have mentioned their eyes are full of mystery and Nymeria's eyes are not exceptional. I am sure you are having a quite busy time raising her...

Sending love for her and she is beautiful...