Battlegames Witness Celebration Continued.. | LootFest!

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It's LootFest Time! Go Go Go! 🎁

How to Play: You have 24 hours to simply drop a comment down below to let us know which Hive Blockchain Games you play. All comments are entered into a random draw for the following prizes down below..

This giveaway is part of our Battlegames Witness Celebration Bonanza! πŸ† If you haven't already, you can catch our witness announcement post here.

Giveaway #2 Prizes:

  • Exode Triple Origen starter pack + 2 boosters
  • Exode Triple Origen starter pack + 2 boosters
  • Exode Single Origin Starter + 2 Boosters
  • Exode Single Origin Starter + 2 Boosters
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • Rising Star Booster pack
  • 1 dCity restaurant NFT Asset
  • 500 SIM Tokens
  • 4 Splinterlands cards

Our Celebration Sponsors


dCity | @dcitygame

dCity is city simulation game where players manage real in-game city assets in order to maximize their city's full potential. Players are able to climb the latter and earn HIVE by increasing population, or earn SIM tokens by putting your citizens to work and generating income.

dCity is on the verge of its first major update with loads of exciting new cards, new events, features, government, and a tech-tree! You can read up on the upcoming major update here. 🏦


Rising Star | @risingstargame

Rising Star is a Free to Play music career simulator game, all you need to play is the Hive Keychain browser extension and you're good to go!

Rising star is a fun take on the life of an up and coming musician starting from the bottom and building up your fan base, playing bigger and better gigs, collecting instruments, band mates, and fans along the way. In game assets are ownable NFT's that can also be traded on a market. Quite possibly the best Hive idle game that is fully integrated with the chain. For more information you can checkout the Rising Star Discord server.


Exode | @exodenews

Exode is a space exploration and colonization game currently in development with a playable alpha release. The game mixes classic TCG elements and resource management in a unique way that brings an exciting new style of game play and asset ownership to the Hive Blockchain gaming scene.

Lead developer at Exode @elindos has been pushing out updates left right and centre at breakneck hyperdrive speeds in keeping with their roadmap and milestones. Pop into the Exode Discord server with any questions, the active and friendly CM's will be happy to show you around.

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We believe fiercely that Hive can be one of the top destinations for blockchain gaming in the world, and we've made that our mission.


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  • I'm playing Splinterlands though I can't seem to get past Gold League.
  • I just started Rising Star after reading your last post.
  • I'm very excited for Exode.
  • I believe Holy Bread is planning on moving to HIVE though they haven't yet.

I tried to vote for your witness but for whatever reason I can't get Hivesigner to work. I'll try again later.
-- Victory! I managed to vote for you.

Thanks for the chance!

Thank you for putting a witness vote behind Hive Blockchain Gaming! πŸ‘Š

Good luck everyone!

Rising Star The brand new Hive NFT game. Play for FREE now! That deserve’s a !BEER

I have only played splinterlands.


I've been mostly playing Spinterlands, DCity and Rising Star.


I've basically just started Splinterlands, and I've been playing Brocity since one of your earlier posts IIRC.


I am doing SplinterLands and just started Rising Star. I have a dCity collection and I cannot wait for second edition dCity cards!

Go Battle games!




At this point I think its safe to say I'm a splinterlands addict, I did play next colony for a bit but I think I joined too late to be able to play properly, those sorts of games usually reset every now and then as otherwise new players have no chance of succeeding. I Have looked into dcity but i'd rather buy splinterlands cards than pay to play a new game.


Splinterland, dCity


I am playing splinterland and will be playing exode too.


I play all three of them dCity, Rising Star and Exode. I also Play Exode. All 4 games are quite different and have their own type of fun. I am quite excited about all 4 and will continue playing them. Good luck to everyone!


splinterlands, exode, rising star


Great set or prizes! Playing daily on Splinterlands and DCity :)


Playing Rising Star and Splinterlands at the moment.
Very excited for eXode, so this is probably going to be my main game once it fully gets started.


Playing all those game! Thanks for the giveaway Captain! I play Splinterlands the most.


My best games on hive blockchain is splinterlands, the game is very addictive and fun and it gives you a lot of returns on investment but in the last month now Dcity is also becoming amazing on hive and as time goes on it will be among the top games here.


Hm, let me think about it... I play DCity from early times... invested a lot in EXODE Alpha... and started playing risingstar a little bit later... That would be all πŸ˜‰


Those are some awesome prizes!
I play Splinterlands and dCity, using 2 accounts on each. Both fun and to get a little extra cash towards living in real life until I can get a job!

So good to have battlegames as a witness, shows more people how much they are around to stay!


Joined my 1st anytime tournament today (hosted by you!)
I've also been playing dCity and Exode.
Hope your witness would rank higher :) We need more curation/community focused witnesses represented on top.

I'm probably late, but the blockchain game I play the most is Splinterlands. While I tried Exode, it didn't grab my attention with its current state, so I'll be waiting for its BETA.


I have been playing only splinterlands since last month.