Interoperability with NFT's

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As many of you probably noticed @aggroed's announcement yesterday of NFT's being available to be created and traded on steem-engine now, I wanted to make a quick post about interoperability of them in games. This is something that has been hinted towards in the past a bit and something that got me even more so excited when investing in Gods Unchained, and yesterday they dropped this blog post.

So for short, what game developers talk about when they discuss interoperability in this day and age is being able to play games cross-platform. Fortnite for instance you can play on most consoles and the PC, although I personally don't understand how people can play first person shooters with a joystick instead of a mouse, but to each it's own. That's where interoperability ended in the current centralized world, though. The name will change its meaning very soon and this is how!

As a gamer you've probably already come to terms with your game items once purchased and used will at some point follow into the grave of whenever you stop playing the game or if the interest of people playing it dies down altogether so they shut it down. This happens more often than you'd think but you don't hear about it as much as the games aren't that popular to begin with. People spend a lot of money on digital items per year such as skins, boosts or crafting material or chests which include any of the previous mentioned. It's mostly all about cosmetics or else the game would become "pay-to-win" which nobody wants. The death of items along with the game may come to an end here now though.

Similar to Ethereum, here on Steem through Steem-engine items will have true ownership, meaning that if you purchase a skin or a card it will be yours forever and no one will be able to take it away from you as long as the blockchain has any say in it. At the same time you can trade these items at free will or even your whole collection and Splinterlands won't shut down your account due to this (which many centralized companies do as selling accounts is against their TOS).

This is something most of you here already know though, but what if I also told you that NFT's, say a certain legendary card in Splinterlands could also be used in another future game either created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt or even someone completely new and not connected to them (although asking permission first would be nice). Yes, this is possible, if you want to let users use assets from other games in your games while at the same time changing their attributes so they act differently in that game it is going to be a possibility now with blockchain. This opens a door to a lot of new things that people haven't even though about, the possibilities are literally endless.

In worst case scenario say something were to happen to the owners of Splinterlands and they have to shut down their game, someone could technically recreate the mechanics and the game again and let you use your whole collection there instead. On top of that being able to create many different games which have nothing in common with eachother even but use the same assets it will just help the assets in the long run. Especially all of them operating on Steem it will be a co-operation between game developers like never seen before. I recently wrote about Tides of Magic which added Splinterlands cards to their game and had a giveaway. The reason I was so excited about this game is because they are one of the first to make use of interoperability. It will be nice to follow what else they come up with as they're one of the leading games right now in this aspect.

If I was a Splinterlands or Gods Unchained holder right now, I'd give it a second thought if you want to sell those cards because you might think they're just good to be used in that one game but you may have no idea about their future usecases and how valuable and scarce they might become if someone happens to come up with a new game that's going to be way more fun and bring in way more adoption while using the same assets in it.

Thanks for reading, check out the blog post by Gods Unchained I linked in the beginning of the post as well!

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This is one of the things that actually amazed me when I started to understand how blockchains work and what are it's benefits.

As an old-time gamer (playing since I was 7-8 years old, wich make it almost 30 years as a gamer), this is going to be a huge leap when something like this goes mainstream (and eventually it will)

Imagine the most well know trading card game: Magic the gathering.

Nowdays there is two digital ways to play mtg: mtg online and mtg arena.

Within the older one, MTG online, the system works as fully digital version of the paper version, and you buy packs and you can freely trade your cards inside the client.

The catch here is that you don't actually own the cards. If wotc servers shutdown, everything you had it's gone forever. You will never be able to get some value back from your collection.

Now imagine this working on a blockchain! Wotc could even go bankrupt and disappear, you would still own your digital cards, and its highly probable that someone (or another company) would create a client to make use of the digital cards.

Imagine discovering years later discovering you had a black lotus on your MTG wallet, and sell it for more than 10k USD, even if wotc was dead.

It's a really amazing perspective.

It's going to be a huge change, can't wait to see the ecosystems these first companies will create in the future.


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I love the power-packed potential of NFTs when it comes to gaming.

Imagine you simply don't like the particular ruleset of a game. No worries, make your own version!

Players are now free to hop around from one "instance" to the next, bringing their data with them ( much like how Steem frontends work currently )

I am curious to see how large companies & the law react to this. Copyright extending to digital assets? Games not allowing you to use your own crypto wallets?

Interesting, and exciting, times ahead :^)


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Exciting :)

Would be great if GU team actually post on Steem makes a lot of sense... you are good in onboarding :)

Yeah that would be cool, maybe they'll consider once we have a bigger team here. :)

I have some genesis cards, but never really played the game ... just tested a few times :)

Cool! Hope it was worth the investment, you can check and click on "cards" and then "my cards" after connecting metamask to see current value based on lowest sell order.

Seems most Gen buyers have done really well so far.


I spend 2 ETH back in October 2018
Will wait for some Interoperability implantation on those :)

P.S. Thanks for the tip!

Aws, well you're close to a profit, guess you didn't have much luck with shines.


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How cool is it that assets can be leveraged in other games! There can be a whole ecosystem of unofficial experiences that support all kinds of behaviors. Play where you want to play.

It's going to be interesting and why I'm going to focus on blockchain games more and more!


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Splinterlands seems to be on a rampage when it comes to expansion. I don't play the game and I know nothing about the cards or the game mechanics or the economics of Splinterlands cards. But would it make any sense to stock up on DEC to gain from the rise of the market cap of the game? How should one go about investing in it if one is not a player? By buying cards and renting them out?

I'm not actually sure how and what DEC does exactly, but having scarce cards that you can rent out is huge. Hoping GU will implement leasing as well.

NFTs are indeed great.