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As much as I'd like the post image to be one of me successfully holding a perfect handstand, that is going to have to wait a while as I am still some way off.


I've been learning for a week or so now and can feel I'm progressing a little, but it is hard! I started out by watching a couple of videos online, one of which is 15 minutes of prep work and doesn't actually show a complete handstand.

The guy focuses a lot on preparing your wrists for what has, for me anyway, turned out to be their toughest time of my life. I was fairly confident of having the arm and core strength required to work on the move, but had no idea just how much strain a handstand can put on your wrists.

It's not so much the standing on the hands, it's the falling forward and needing to keep the hands planted while your body heads to the floor, or in my case, a couple of cushions taken from the settee.

As well as trying to increase the flexibility of my wrists using the video above, I've also been practicing up against a wall. This allows more time in the position, and I think has helped a little with working out where my body needs to be to hold the move for longer. The issue with the wall is that there is no falling forward, and on a couple of occasions I've been looking to exit the position as my arms become tired, and realised almost too late that the only way down is backwards - twice I've been close to a head-plant, which would not be good for morale or my head.

I can tell I'm improving, slowly, and I hope to have something to show off on the beach next month - before getting beaten at all the activities I partake in :P

The photo, of a tall crane (tenuous link I know) was taken yesterday not far from home as I walked through Nottingham city. There is so much construction work going on right now and for once it seems that it is a good time to get this sort of stuff done. The roads in general are noticeably quieter, and this one in particular is normally a busy route to exit the city to the south.

It's the first time I've seen the materials required for a building being taken to their location inside the lorry they arrived on site in, although I'll likely be told in the comments that this is commonplace now and I need to open my eyes more.

Although this building will be part of a shopping center, another building close by is nearing completion and I'm told it will be an office block. Considering the construction of this new office block was started prior to the emergence of Covid-19 and there are now a lot of people, including myself, working from home, I'm wondering if someone has spent a lot of money on a building that may not be even half occupied when the job is done.

At the start of the year, my employers were looking to buy an office building next door. That purchase has now been cancelled and very shortly the final batch of laptops will arrive to allow every staff member with a desk job the opportunity to work from home. I'm a huge fan of remote working, the kettle is a metre away and during 'natural breaks' I can practice handstands and listen to learn Spanish podcasts - much better than hearing my boss let rip.

Friday tomorrow, and a much deserved beer or two is planned.




So stoked to see this post!
I've been working on my handstand too, on and off (for years).
My goal is to do a handstand push up (without a wall).
Every time I go back to it, I do improve, but obviously taking such long breaks halts progress..

You've inspired me to get back to it, starting tomorrow morning I'll try and do it first thing every morning.
Ps, I have trouble with my wrists (especially my right hand), and have fallen in love with a set of wrist stretches.
It's pretty simple to explain
On all fours, start stretching your palms on the ground, slowly working around at different angles.
Start with palms forward, then away from you body (90 degrees to the side), then facing inwards (each other, 90 degrees the other way) and finally, trying to stretch them as far back (180 degrees from facing forward, where they started). Very important not to overdo it. No pain should be felt, only as much tension as doesn't become too uncomfortable.

Best of luck, and look forward to pics of progress...

Ahh, nice!

I was hoping there was at least one person on Hive with some motivation to Handstand!

It seems you are well ahead of me, and a pushup handstand with the wall is beyond me at present - that would be superb though!

Thanks for the wrist exercises, the guy in the video discusses similar and I'm trying each day to work on them, especially prior to attempting any handstands.

It's tough to get photos, and I think I'll just wait until i can do it, and get a video. Who knows when that will be though!

Good luck!


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Just think, when you have mastered it and then move on to the beach you will have the challenge of all that shifty sand underneath your hands!

Beer Fridays! Its a thing. I'm cracking one open tonight :OD

I was hoping the sand would assist! Just need to find the right consistency I think - too near the water and landing will hurt, too far way and the sand will be too shifty!

I've been good this week - not had any! :O Which is a grand excuse to get stuck in tomoz :D

I havent had any either! Felt I was overdoing it a bit in that way where the weekends get longer, lol.

The sand will be really good for perfecting your form. You will be handstanding and cartwheeling it about like nobody business!

Yeah, I like to do a workout and a bit of handstanding in the evening and beers don't tend to mix!

I'm hoping the beach gives me confidence and cushioning to practice more - although i wish even more that i'll have nailed it by then!

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Sand gets everywhere...'Nuff said.

Maybe when practicing against the wall you should turn around and put your back to the wall that way you can safely fall forward. It has been way to long since I did handstands back in my teen and early 20's years. I wanted to be able to do a handstand dive off the high board, but never was able to get the stability down enough to do that.

I probably did t explain it too well but my back is against the wall when I try, and towards the wall would be the natural way to fall forward at present.

I suspect your 20 year old wrists were a lot more flexible than mine are at present. The the high diving board, check you out!


That was a long long time ago, and if your daughter gets in to diving, I am sure she will give you some micro heart attacks at times.

I think every part of me was more flexible back then,

I hope she gives it a go, when the pools open again. The good thing is she is missing swimming, this was around the age her mum gave up for beer and boys :)

Perhaps with the boredom of the lock down, when things re-open good things will happen with the most impressionable people those 14 to 18 years old. It could be a boon to humanity in another 20 years when they will be the group coming into power.

That's a nice thought :)

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In Nurembeg City (Germany) i and "every" other citicien of that beautifull city known a man, he stand on a bottle with one hand. Moving like a 20 years old ones.

But he is over 70+ years old now. :-)

So you see, goals can be very specific. :-)
Have a nice standing

That is so impressive!

I'm trying not to watch too many videos of people who have the move under their belt, it's starting to make me quite jealous!



Jealousy?? Ah C'mon @abh12345!? Let me help you out a lil bit with that, my dear friend! };)


Very jealous!

Me too!! Hahahaha

Are you going to give them a shot? :)


I am very tempted!! :D

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THIS is the man. :-) Very cool to find him in the Network. :-)

Haha yeah bro, he who seeks finds! #cc :)

With your words, you triggered my rememberings on Hide and Seek Gaming on Counter Strike Source in my "Youth". :-D No idea why i tell it.

But, to seeking itself. I am more a exploriation type of man. Seeking is nice, but with it goes the expectation of finding something. So my kind of acting, should be more surprised in life. :-)

Just some stupid words. :-) Sorry

There is no such thing as stupid words buddy. Everything you say have and will have an effect & impact in some way. Which usually will bring new knowledges. Therefore, there's nothing to regret about making public your memories & thoughts. :)

Seeking is nice, but with it goes the expectation of finding something.

That's absolutely correct my friend! I looked for and found the video of that old athlete, because I already remembered seeing it before. Hence my comment that "he who seeks finds"

However, many times I simply go on an exploration and discovery spree, just for the sake of it and out of pure curiosity to find something new that prolly I didn't see or knew before. };)


just for the sake of it and out of pure curiosity

So true. :-)

The world looks like small (like in our begining in toppic) but realy interessting in so many ways.

No you closed the circle of this funny little conversation game.

See you @ next time again. :-)


Yeah, that is right. :-)

To orientate oneself towards others as an example for one's own performance can of course also end up in overtaxing oneself. :-)


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I have definitely not seen them use a crane to pick up a cargo trailer like that! It seems kind of crazy to do that versus just put them on platters...

Looking at that handstand makes my right wrist ache. I messed it up pretty badly skateboarding over the years now I can't even do pushups, my workout routine really sucks now lol I can do it with fingers or my fists but that's not nearly as comfortable as a regular pushup.

It would be really great to master that handstand though! it looks like such a crazy core and upper body workout.

Ah good, not just me then! I guess if you have a crane that can lift a trailer, why not?

Push-ups on anything other than palms makes them so much harder, I'm trying with knuckles a little at present and it's slow progress!

I don't notice the core, although I know it's key for balance. Hopefully i'll have it sorted in less than a month :)


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Hey Asher, I've been working on mastering the art of handstands also, so I'm pleased to see there's a fellow student of handstanderising here on hive. I've been watching other people do it for about 45 years now, as you know I'm 50, and have almost mastered the art of watching it...I'm going to get started on the doing-phase of my handstanderising journey soon.

I'm also perfecting workingfromhomerising as well...Funny how life runs in parallel sometimes.


It would be great to have a few people joining me on learning! We could describe just how bad our wrists are feeling and how progress is so very slow, almost as slow as learning a new language.

Homeworking is top notch, it's been so hot I only stick a shirt on for the daily scrum meeting!

Lol, shirt and tie, no pants? I'm going to keep homeworking as long as possible. Funny, in school I didn't like bringing work home...Now...Still don't, but it's better than being at work doing it.

I'll be honest, and you're going to find this amazing...I actually haven't been pursuing handstanderising mastery. Yeah, that's right...I lied. Shame on me! The thing is, as much exercise as my wrists get, they would still never be able to bear the weight of the rest of me. I'll leave handstanderising greatness to those who deserve it.

No pants, that's how I roll :)

I'll show you how it's done, in a few days/months/years..

I've got a round of applause just waiting to deploy.


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@abh12345, Handstands need good amount of Practice and sometimes it's risky too if we are doing it carelessly anywhere and anyhow. Stay blessed always.

Yes for sure, I'm trying to be safe with plenty of cushioning!

Good to know that. 👍

Oh doing this kind of thing would require a lot of built in muscle. I always appreciate those capable of doing such things, I would not dare to try

Do you do any Yoga? It is a good place to start I think. Have a nice weekend!

I am very tempted to try. I am quite flexible and I think it would be quite relaxing. You gave me a good idea, I am sure I will need a lot of practice though until I will post any Mary does yoga pose posts anytime soon. But I like to watch how other people do that, the flexibility of the human body is amazing. Have a great weekend too!

KUDOS for working on this tough pose! I'm sure you'll have it down by beach time.
And that's one advantage to working from home I'd never considered - not having to hear the boss let 'em rip, lol.

 last month (edited)

hahaha ok ok, now I understand. in relation to my comment to your previous post, I realise you just started to learn the handstand thingy. So I forgive you, you didnt share a video yet. But too be honest, in a few weeks tops (before you go to Spain), we want to see you with your feet in the air! :)

little trick: you could say yes to my request/statement, since feet in the air you can also do while lying down but remember, I didn't tell you this trick.

Interestingly, I always thought you lived in South Africa, but apparently you are not. Stupid me hahaha