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RE: [Steem talk] Resolusi Tahun Baru 2020

in #hasil202010 months ago

My upvote suck, due to low steem price and my SP rendered to useless despite I have 5000 usable SP in hand. In order for me to direct rewarding people whom I cherished, I rather send tip directly to their wallet. So, when you see TIPU mentioned I sent you a tip, it's already in your wallet.


@davidke20 Can I do something like that too?

Yes you can. You may send steem to @tipu and mention "deposit" in the remark column. Once your deposit is in, then you can start subscribing to any author you wish to reward by leaving a comment directly under the author's post with !subscribe you may find any of my tipu comment and find the guidelines there. 🙂

@davidke20 Thank you I will try to figure it out again. Actually I do since Sept 23 and did not come any further. As I tried once I was banned because it turned out to be a bidbot thing.