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RE: It's Crypto Mondays - The CTP Swarm Is Coming!

in Threespeak - OLD10 months ago

I watched the start of your video on 3 speak and there was an ad. Do you get revenue from 3 speak? I need to watch the rest of the video sometime. Great work. I need to learn more about ctp but for now I’m just buying miners. Goal is 500 of them by end of June.


Hmm, wasn't aware of that. I'm o.k. with them serving ads. It's a pretty awesome service, so no issue from me. :)

Appreciate that! Yeah for sure...Anytime you wanna poke around and you have any questions about it...Let me know! Always around to help!

Yeah that’s cool. I’m glad they have ads running. I’m sure that someday it will be passed to the users. This helps the problem of the 7 day pay window on hive.

Oh those guys are on top of it all for sure...I think they are just getting started with what they have planned :)