It's Crypto Mondays - The CTP Swarm Is Coming!

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We had a BLAST tonight!

So much to go over including:

  • being added to @StateOfTheDapps

  • CTPM Pump Sale Sold Out! WOW!

  • Onboarding With StartEarning.Today

  • @HiveBuzz re-launch

  • And.....The CTP Swarm!

While not officially launched, we gave attendees a sneak peak at what we're planning...And it's going to be AWESOME!

Stay tuned :)

Learn how to bring the blockchain to affiliate marketing!

=> https://StartEarning.Today

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was a great show Jon and am really excited at the swarm additions, will be another great engagement tool :)

Can't wait to get this fired up...Should add a ton of elements we had for years on CTP over to the blockchain...Should help everyone really enjoy the experience on CTP Talk much more :)

Another great show as always! Thanks a lot for doing these live webinars...

The CTP Swarm is an interesting idea... will see how it goes and it can go very good... unless Blain break all 10 of his monitors... :)

lol yeah we need to keep him focused lol

Thanks man, yeah I'm really looking forward to it 😀

Thanks for a great show @jongolson and @blainjones, and lots of great news, being on StateOfTheDapps has massive reach and will get people curious, and yeah my personal account cleared out the last CTPM, and relaunch of HiveBuzz is awesome, and been seeing that CTP Swarm badge on posts today, will be interesting to see how it works, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Crushing it. Thanks man! Appreciate your support for everything we're doing

Thanks @jongolson, and stay awesome.

I watched the start of your video on 3 speak and there was an ad. Do you get revenue from 3 speak? I need to watch the rest of the video sometime. Great work. I need to learn more about ctp but for now I’m just buying miners. Goal is 500 of them by end of June.

Hmm, wasn't aware of that. I'm o.k. with them serving ads. It's a pretty awesome service, so no issue from me. :)

Appreciate that! Yeah for sure...Anytime you wanna poke around and you have any questions about it...Let me know! Always around to help!

Yeah that’s cool. I’m glad they have ads running. I’m sure that someday it will be passed to the users. This helps the problem of the 7 day pay window on hive.

Oh those guys are on top of it all for sure...I think they are just getting started with what they have planned :)

Excited to see what they next 2-3 months hold for the crypto world

especially here ;)

Great information sharing for us

What was great about it?