Intellectual Development Vs Structural Development of a Country

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Hey everyone, hope you are doing good...

A country needs both Intellectual development and Structural Development. If I want to explain in easy words, intellectual development means planning and structural development means construction, physical labor, implementation. They both are related to each other but I personally believe intellectual development is more important because it is the planning phase which is the base of any construction/implementation. If a country is lacking of intellectual structure, how that country will move forward towards development!!!

Question right !!!



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I feel Intellectual development is a by product of structural development you built roads people get to jobs and schools faster, you build more places to work and more people enter the job market the more have money the more they now need to be competitive by thought and not only by physical activity that has its limitations

One can defiantly not work without the other but I think we discount structure too much in its importance in the economy and not just for the jobs it creates but it’s ancillary benefits

hmm, you have written some good points... Basically, both are related to each other and need to be balanced...

I think intellectual development is basic root of any developed country after that it's structure and environment get developed amazingly.
Education is the basic need of intellectual development.
Your vlog always comes with a unique concept
I Really love your content

Thanks, bro, Exactly you got my point...I really appreciate your feedback.. I forgot to mention about education :P