The Hive-Steem Situation: Validation For Decentralization?

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We are witnessing the centralization-decentralization conflict playing out before our eyes. While no system starts out as decentralized, the key is to keep moving in that direction. Steem was going that way before the Steemit Inc stake was sold.

In this video I discuss how all of this is a benefit and the fact we need to keep pushing towards that end.

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With regards to reward-pool dilution and broad distribution, what about vote selling? Vote selling seems like it's here to stay (and probably grow). Therefore the reward pool doesn't distribute by quality content but rather to those who already have stake.

Not 100% of votes are sold, so there will be some dilution effect, but not as much as if we had a better system of rewarding good content.

The latest soft fork on Steem certainly seems like another centralization move.

It does show the use of centralized power.

This much we cant dispute.

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what do you think is a best way if someone wants to exchange steem to hive? if there is any simple way...

I dont know. Bittrex might be a good one although I have not used it.

I used blocktrades but that is now out.

When Steem Engine gets their front end on Hive, that might be a good way also.

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