flies and white moths

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there are many flies that can be found. and flies are very easy to get. wherever we are, flies are always there. there are many types of flies that can be found. as an example of a fly that I have previously shown. its body is very similar to a bee.


flies are considered disgusting insects. but in 2018 Indonesia is shaking with research on flies that can cure diarrheal diseases. the discovery was made by 2 students who sat in 10th grade. made the people amazed. and the discovery was scientifically proven. the two students were invited to America and received awards. really very creative of them.

the second is a white moth.


moth has a variety of colors. I've previously shown moths in black and white. This is a white moth. moths are the same as butterflies that come from caterpillars.

this is what I can show. I hope you like it.


the second is a white moth.

No, it belongs to the suborder Auchenorrhyncha.

thank you jaki01 for the information