Beware of the butterflies.

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Itsy bitsy bumblebee,
Thought "the lavender is all for me!"
Then there was some noise,
And he had no choice,
Than run and hide on the nearby tree

Bumblebee lavender macro 1.jpg

Those are such a cute and friendly creatures to watch! They fly slow and take their time. With the furry buts it is almost like a little plush toy that I'd want to pet.
Every year I see bunch of them on my mum's lavender bushes. She has a row of them growing in the garden away from the street and people. It is all calm and spacious for all the flying buggers to feed.

Bumblebee lavender macro 3.jpg

Bumblebee lavender macro 4.jpg

Bumblebee lavender macro 2.jpg

You may wonder why the bumblebee had to hide in the tree (at least I hope you do :p). No, it is not just cause it rhymes. It is because the gang of butterflies was approaching!
Their winds were making winds like Khaleesi dragons! Their eyes would spot any potential victim just to wrap their proboscis on their necks until they lose their conscious and then drag them to their Butterfly queen in the far far away land.
Those vicious creatures take over the whole bush and will slap anyone with their pretty, but extremely dangerous wings, if they stand on their way to the booze nectar.

Honestly they are not that bad and they do get on well with other insects. But it is Sunday and my imagination is a bit crazy.

Butterflies landing lavender.jpg

Bonus shot:
A Tamarisk tree that grows right next to the lavender bushes and blooms in the same time. A nice combination of purple and light pink. It also attracts tons of little hoverflies and beetles!

Tamarisk pink flower.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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great photos, i followed you buddy

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Why are you replying to obvious comment spammer? :-)

Habit replying comments..
Until I saw the next one.

Very good macro shot. Comgrats dear. Wonderful again !

Thank you :)

I understand how hard you got those bee shots, and I believe you had to avoid any possible noise that might interupt the subject as it was included as agressive insect. You made it brother. Incredible closeup shots.

Most bumblebee species aren't aggressive and react more to fast movements than noise.

They are actually very friendly and do no harm. Even if I got very close they didn't mind. I don't bother them much and the harden is a quiet place for them to feed. I encountered any aggressive behavior from them.

I agree most bee are not agressive. Wasp is. i got stung before :(

Wasps are mean! That's why I hardly shoot them. Bees and bumblebees are nice.

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Congrats to your very beautiful bumblebee photos! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Hiho, my friend.

Beautiful ewkaw bee :) welcome to fascinating insects hive by @jaki01.

Hope to see more of your photo. :)

Hello hello :)
I just found this place and I love all the little buggers around!
Nice to see you here too... the bugger master :D

Hiho. Yes, please post :) i know you got nice lens and saw your recent photo's. they are getting better and better. :)

Aww thanks! I'm trying.. I'm trying :D

Honey bees 🐝 nice pictures

Thanks! :)

Nice pictures of the cute little bumblebee.👍

Thank you :)