Stay away from my raspberries! - Dock bugs

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One nice day I decided to go to the garden to check how the berries are doing. In late spring everything grows so fast that they can mature from one day to another. Some currants and gooseberry were almost ready. And right next to them we have a mess of raspberries!
They bloomed and fruits started to form. I got closer... and what the hell are you doing on my raspberries?!

Coreus marginatus

Coreus marginatus raspberry bug 11.jpg

Coreus marginatus also known as Dock bug is a common bug found in Europe, Asia and North America. They will feed on docks and sorrels but also... yep, raspberries and currants!

The ones you see on photos are not adults yet and I was having a really hard time finding out what they are. Those are nymphs in few stages. The younger ones are darker, black and red. The older and bigger ones look more like the grownup and have lighter colour.
After the reach adulthood they will will have developed wink and change colour to light brown. Those I have seen around as well, but later in the year.

Coreus marginatus raspberry bug  9.jpg

Coreus marginatus raspberry bug 12.jpg

Coreus marginatus raspberry bug 13.jpg

Coreus marginatus raspberry bug 10.jpg

Gotta say that colours on this younger ones are just amazing!

Coreus marginatus raspberry bug  3.jpg

Before they reach adulthood they will transform 5 times. I'd say there are at least 3 stages on those photos. The adult will then live happily until winter and lay eggs in string. His job is then done and a new generation will take over.

Coreus marginatus raspberry bug  2.jpg

Bonus blurry artistic shot :)

Coreus marginatus raspberry bug  8.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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Superb shots. I'd have to soon buy some macro lenses for sure.

thats a damn good idea! you may want to buy the same Sigma 105mm as Ewkaw use most of the time, its a brilliant lense and not very expensive one.

And you will be so hooked!! :)
Yea.. that Sigma 105 is really cool (like Qwerie says).

We are the true bugs and we're here to stay.

haha.. yess! 'we are here to stay' -- exxactly so.

It's their fancy triangle back that makes them so resilient.

Bye bye berries...


Too bad those bugs aren't edible.

Extra sprinkles on your fruits :P :D

a very sympatico buggy! I think you should be pleased he came to your berries.... to pose you :)))

Not so sympatico when it starts eating your berries :p

well, of course, you are right. forgive me taking a joke about your berries, please

:D :D

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Concerning the illustration which shows the different development stages of Coreaus marginatus I would suggest you either just to post the link or otherwise ask the author for permission to include the image into your post.

... what the hell are you doing on my raspberries?!

Is that what the bug said when you came closer? :-)

Removed :)

Haha That's probably what we both thought :p