hunting in the meadows: bugs and butterflies. macro #299

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The week was splendid in terms of macro. Let me share my new insect finds.


These are not the very 1st butterfly photos of the season, but... before that they didnt allowed me to approach closer enough. Eventually butterflies became merciful to me, and agreed to pose a lot! So, in one day I nailed almost 5 of the species that are wide-spread here.

IMG_7511w H.jpg


IMG_7528w H.jpg


A weevil beetle. Was a hard nut to crack for me! I will tell the funny story of my hunt for him in a separate post.

IMG_7718w H.jpg

Unidentified (yet) red beetle was comfortably numb in a hideout under the daisee. I found him and made no harm. Except of a little photo-session. Also I turned upside down his hideaway - but thats not a problem for any beetle.

IMG_7487 H.jpg

A Milkweed bug. Very effective and spectacular handsome guy!

IMG_5747 H.jpg

This yellow crab spider is a real acrobat! He lived on a thirstle flower about a week (and disappeared after a terrific rainy night). (thanks to @sketch.and.jam for providing correct ID).

IMG_6768w H.jpg

Who are these? I would like to know that myself.

2020dacha0364w H.jpg

A spider, pretty ordinary and a well-spread specie here. But not until I looked at it thru my viewfinder and dedicated macro lens, I see all the beauty and its actual outlook. Simply amazing!

IMG_9492w H.jpg

Another spider -- this one with some parasite passengers on his back. And thats all for today. Thanks for stopping by!

location: Russian countryside July 2020 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 350D Tamron 60mm raw-conv.

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I like the yellow crab spider. One of these landed in my hand when I tapped on a yellow rose looking for thrips.

d'you mean the one on a violet thristle flower? this cool guy lived on one flower for more than 6 days! (disappeared after a terific rainy night). i love him too! and on this capture he really shows some acrobacy trick magic. but as a macro, some of these are more intresting to me..
@sketch.and.jam, thanks a lot for correct ID, i will add to the post

Ooo I just noticed the little red mites on the harvestman now that I'm on my desktop. I wonder if they are slowly sapping the life out of the spider.

I wonder if they are slowly sapping the life out of the spider.

Actually, to be exact, it's not really a spider but as you say yourself, a 'harvestman' (order Opiliones).

I wonder if they are slowly sapping the life out of the spider.

more than sure of it. they are parasites that dont give him anything, just use his energy / his blood and flesh. i will try to do a focus stacking on my desktop, but probably only when I'm back home to my desktop, too.

You have discovered the spider vampires. Poor harvestman needs some silver and garlic, perhaps a couple wooden stakes.

Anyway, great post! :)

thanks for compliment, @jaki01. my macros are not such perfect as @borjan's, I am learning and havent got a good system for insect hunting yet. this is my 1st full summer with a dedicated lens, so more will follow ;)

This is a beautiful, colorful collection with many interesting species. Great work. It conveys the richness and diversity of the habitat.

Amazing macro shots! Beautiful butterflies and insects!

happy to deliver you some p