Staking crosses 2.6 Million

in Sports Talk Social5 months ago (edited)

In the last week i staked another 100 thousand sports power after writing my last post about crossing the mark of 2.5 million sports power.

This staking helped me to climb up the position in sportsrich list by 2 positions. Lets see how it goes with further powering up.

The prices of the coin were seen to be under tremendous pressure. Today, the prices were trading in the range of 0.00024-0.0003. In past 24 hours the volume recorded on the hive engine was more than 1400 hive. But the prices could not cross 0.0003 with high volumes. The depth of price graph shows that selling pressure is mounting.
Hope the market prices improve soon as the total sports stake value looks to be eroded significantly.


that is alot of token you stake there

Really happy for you, additional 100 thousand stake is big enough indicating your movement towards being a big whale