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It's a lovely Friday. Happy Friday everyone and do have a good weekend!
Rabona, a virtual football manager game Season 8 has ended today and a new season will start in few hours. The game is getting exciting every day but when you lose matches consecutively you will feel like flicking out :) That's a real-life manager's emotions, no one likes to lose but you can't win every game. Regular training and buying good players from the market for your team help in the game.

DFA continues her regular training even two days and it has been fun and tough so far. Training is not easy I wouldn't lie to you but what will keep you focusing is what you desire to achieve with it as they always say that consistency, persistency, and perspiration make an unbeatable amount of success. As young as the boys are, they are very keen on becoming successful footballers. Kudos to the boys, meanwhile that's what happen when you love what you do and no one forces you to do it.


The training was interesting as usual. The training started with warm-ups and ended with 4v4 aside in harmony.

After jogging for a few minutes due to schedule, we moved to other fitness exercises including pushup, getup, and burpee.



Each activity was suffixed with jogging i.e. at the end of each section of the exercises, the boys would jog from the first goal post to the second goal post. One of the activities they did was; They lifted each other, jogged with the lifting, and go up and down ten times. It was tiring indeed but the boys did everything heartily.


The photo below shows the boys rehearsing man in the middle (MITM) soccer drills in circle.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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