What Do You Think About Risk Management In A Fight?

When you are going to participate in a fighting competition, how do you feel? Are you excited? Do you feel stress? Do you think about what is going to happen and how you are going to fight?

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There is an emotional state of mind when you fight in a fighting competition. How you think and feel, that is going to impact your fight. Here your opponent's intention is to win the fight. And you have the same intention, you want to be a winner.

The whole thing happens in a controlled environment and everyone follows the rules and regulations. Even if you are under stress, this is not a life threat. You wear gloves and guards for protection. Even something goes wrong, there are necessary arrangements beforehand to deal with that.

How do you feel if someone is about to attack you in real life? The attacker can have different intentions. And you are not sure about the outcome. There might be no arrangement like in a fighting competition to deal with that. This is totally different. You might be a good fighter in a ring, but when it comes to deal with real-life situations, you will not respond the way you react in a fighting competition.

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If you practice martial arts or self-defense, you will learn how to defend against different attacks, what to do against a gun or knife attack. Most of the time, there is one vital point that is missing while teaching or learning about self-defense against a knife or gun, that is, risk management.

The attacker's intention is very important. And if you fail to assess the risk, you can put your life in danger. When the attacker intends to shoot you or stab you, he will do that anyway. You can give your money, phone or whatever you have, but that will not work. If the attacker wants your money or phone and that's his intention, giving your money or phone might work in that situation.

So in a situation like this, observe, try to understand the attacker's intention, make decisions and act quickly. So what do you think about risk management in a fight? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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You said it ! Even if some one is king of rings, he is protected by rules, in real life if someone attacks, the response is totally different from ring. Very well thought 👏