I’m Still Here!

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The following post is response to the challenge set by @snook. She asked two important questions- "How did I get here?" and "Why am I still here?" So, let's get to it!

How Did I get Here?

It's been around 2 1/2 years since I joined Steem! This was around the time I was first starting to learn about crypto, and blockchain technology really intrigued me. Steem's "Proof Of Brain" was especially interesting. Plus, #snookmademedoit!

The account creation process took about a week- and boom 💥, my Steem journey began. It was marred with confusion and frustration, but I’m still here!

** Why am I still here?**

Since I’ve been around he for over two years, I’ve seen an all-time high of around $8, to the low, low price level of 10 cents. 🤯 I have bought in at all levels, because I believe in the long term future of Steem!

With the upcoming launch of SMTs, Steem Communities, and future developments, the Steem Blockchain is the place to be!

And I’m excited to be here! I have grown my account in hopes of one day it will become a great financial asset. I am disabled and have a very limited income, so I hope one day I can count on my account as a supplement to my income! I hope that Steem can be a bright spot in the financial futures of my son and me!

My journey has been long and (at times) very frustrating- but I it has been wonderful! The future is bright!!


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Great post, it feels like I have been following you since you joined - but I'm pretty sure in reality I was introduced to you by someone else - probably @enginewitty.

Regardless I love your posts, the bond you have with your Boy and the fact you both do everything together - it's inspirational and you make such an awesome team.

Thank you! He makes me better everyday, sometimes he makes me need a !BEER 😎

Hey @c0ff33a, here is a little bit of BEER from @mcoinz79 for you. Enjoy it!

The similar reason I am still on steem. Additional too : I have plenty to waste as a student. Steemit is a great place to waste it.

I am disabled and have a very limited income, so I hope one day I can count on my account as a supplement to my income!

Yes!! this is my hope too.

Yet the great people here do make it all worthwhile even in the 'not so great times you can have on Steem.

Thank You so much for telling your story!!

Good to see ya jumpin in here man And glad you still sticking it out!