Realizing The Reality: A Dire Situation

Well Hello There Fellow Technicians And Hivers

So what do we have here today?

Eskom? Do they still operate?

Sorry my bad, you know with a failing power infrastructure it's a weird thing to see one of the vehicles owned by that very state owned company "Eskom"

Can anyone explain to me? They don't do their jobs but somehow the vehicles tend to break, constantly. Okay we don't get a lot of the Eskom vehicles. The reason for this is very simple, we don't offer any bribe money to get the jobs.

Trust me everyone around us get them because they give and take money from under the table top. I spoke to my boss the other day and he told me that we booked in a vehicle from someone that's high up in the police force. We told him that we would fix the vehicle for free for him if he can manage to allocate some work to us. I mean in a sense that's a bribe I know but atleast we don't exchange physical money, all we want is for the jobs to be allocated to us like the system is suppose to work.

A few days later he came to see us and handed us a number from an association that I would not name, he then said "all they want is a R500 fee to allocate the jobs to us" well that means R500 for each vehicle allocated to us, which really isn't that much. But the fact of the matter is, it's still bribing and that's not what we wanted. We wanted him to allocate the vehicles to us using the correct procedures.

So that's a fail

Okay so with all that was said above...

Why is this vehicle in our shop? Because we don't offer money under the table shit... Truely we don't the shop in the street behind us has like twelve Eskom vehicles in their yard, which of course means that they do offer money under the table.

Well Bossman said, he has no clue how it was booked to come to us, but we should be thankfull that it was allocated to us.

I think it was allocated to us because it doesn't have any major issues and it would be a quick repair, meaning that there isn't any big money involved.


Apparently this one has some transfer case issues.

Usually removing the transfer cases aren't that big of a deal, however this one is a chunky thing and is quite packed in there and needs alot of stuff to be removed to get this one out.

But we can do almost anything ey! Rip it out I will! Not going to lie the availability of equipment in the shop makes it much easier!

I'm still a little demotivated somewhat, however that quickly falls away once you begin to tear it down.

The only thing that bothered me was the fact that the exhaust pipes led right under the transfer case, but I did manage to work around them.


I do understand why these vehicles are all 4x4, because these oaks really go places where no one dares to go. And fixing power lines or anything regarding the power infrastructure can be quite a scary job!

Well whatever remains of our power infrastructure.

So we know that these guys go everywhere, but they brought back half the damn country with them!
Laughs, any technician would know what a blasted irritation sand and mud is on the underside of a vehicle. That's why I'm very keen on getting some proper working goggles, that doesn't make me look like a total wackhead 🤣 but a pair that is both fashionaly excepted and can handle the job!

I swear I can go and lay claim on half the country with all this ground!


So she's almost out! Almost, I just need to get one of my work colleagues and we can take this one out and see what goes for what.

I almost made a big boo boo, when slightly dropping the transmission so that I can reach the bolts on the top I noticed that the vehicle had a custom belly plate underneath the engine, and it and it had long bolts sticking out from underneath it and as I lowered the transmission I noticed that they were going to press right through the oil sump pan of the motor, now that would have been a big mess if I didn't look what I was doing.

Luckily, even if I have to say so myself, I am very observant and always check for what if's.

Unfortunately I didn't think of snapping a picture of it!


I have to add that while this transfer case looks majorly big it didn't match up with how much it actually weighed, both me and the colleague was like wow that was anticlimactic. Meaning we both expected it to be so much heavier than it actually was.

But that's all irrelevant.

Sometimes I wonder how the mud and dirt get in between the casings, like genuinely how even? The casings are so close to each other and the little hole under neath meant to drain any oil that might leak between the casings out is so small compared to how much grime is pushed in between the two casings. Then with that said the top part of the casing is completely clean as if no dirt ever touched it!


Well with the amount of dirt in between the casings I would recommend replacing that rear seal! So it would end up being a seal replacement, a transfer case repair and both prop-shaft to be fitted with new U-joints.

What a lovely day won't you say?



Dated 26/01/2023

Take note this is not a how to guide, merely myself talking about the work I do and my thoughts around certain things.

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I have never seen so much dirt inside a transmission case, that car has definitely fought a few battles with the mud, I imagine how expensive it will be to do all that work, but apparently it is a work truck for sure the company will have insurance for it .



The ZA cops are basically like the mafia with uniforms

Wouldn't trust them one iota

They're fucking dangerous

As for Eskom. It was the old NP that blew this. Eskkm told them before the ANC came in to power that this would happen and an upgrade was needed.

The NP pocketed as much as they could and ignored Eskom because they knew they were losing power.

Then Zuma happened 🙄

I feel sorry for anyone who works at Eskom. Left holding the bag. Yikes, huh?


Maybe it’s so dirty because they’ve been ass deep in mud multiple times?
If they had a custom pan like you said, or whatever you called it, maybe they were expecting to get extra dirty.

Given enough time, nature does some crazy shit with it viscosities and temperature changes. I’ve been working near the ocean for almost 3 years now and it’s amazing how quickly the ocean and saltwater and everything about the environment ages things.


That vehicle like they had it in a sand race hahaha how dirty it is, how clean you got it in the end.