The Story of Rainy Day

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It has been raining here for the last few days, and the meteorological office has warned of more rain, which has made us even more frustrated. Because today is the 35th day of the lockdown in our city, moreover, Ramadan is going on now. So all in all, we are going through a difficult life. Make the most of the low-income people in particular, because all avenues of their income are now closed!

While it is true that most people prefer rainy days, it happens on normal days. Since there is a difficult situation all around now, there is a kind of panic in the minds of the people, such a complicated situation! Real life is becoming very difficult for us.

However, there are some good aspects. The more difficult situations life faces, the stronger our experience becomes and the more we have the opportunity to become stronger mentally. This is never possible under normal circumstances. This is my opinion, in this case there may be a difference of opinion.

Since it is raining, nature has created a different kind of wet, and people like to see something different all the time. So today I am sharing some pictures, which have been captured from different perspectives. Hope you enjoy-




This is really life, where we do not have full control. But we have to try to accept the situation, to try to enjoy life as much as possible. Maybe many times the effort does not succeed, but still we have to keep trying, for life. No matter how hard we try for real life, it is not possible to enjoy life in many cases. But our efforts and interest do not stop!




Declaration: This is original content of mine with own photography.

Thanks all for understanding everythings.


আমি মোঃ হাফিজ উল্লাহ, চাকুরীজীবী। বাংলাদেশী হিসেবে পরিচয় দিতে গর্ববোধ করি। বাঙালী সংস্কৃতি ও ঐতিহ্য লালন করি। ব্যক্তি স্বাধীনতাকে সমর্থন করি, তবে সর্বদা নিজেকে ব্যতিক্রমধর্মী হিসেবে উপস্থাপন করতে পছন্দ করি। পড়তে, শুনতে এবং লিখতে ভালোবাসি। নিজের মত প্রকাশের এবং অন্যের মতামতকে মূল্যায়নের চেষ্টা করি। ব্যক্তি হিসেবে অলস এবং ভ্রমন প্রিয়।




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Raindrops on leaves are wonderful!

beautiful photography. thanks for share this.