My trip to great Yarmouth ( to be continued ) all original content 💯. if you would like to contact me off the Blockchain you can @kgakakillerg on Instagram

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Hello everyone here's a series of photographs I took while I was away in great Yarmouth with the family it was a really great time away we have booked to go back but might not be able to go due to the lockdown but hopefully we can still go back it would be really good to get away right here is a photograph i while looking out at the sea and the beach is just past the grass you can see
Kgakakillerg original photography great Yarmouth

Here's a photograph i took of a snail on a wall next to the wall I was standing near I really enjoy taking photographs like this

Kgakakillerg original photography great Yarmouth

Here's another photograph I took while away in great Yarmouth of the wall I was standing next to I was out having a smoke and I'm never one to miss out on taking some photographs it does get on my girlfriend's nerves sometimes when we are out and just stop to start taking photographs that's your lot for now I've still got loads more photographs to share from this trip away but you will have to wait until the next part for that

Kgakakillerg original photography great Yarmouth

Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope that you liked it if you did don't forget to check out my other posts like this post @kgakakillerg u share my own original photographs on a daily basis

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Nice pics!

Thanks glad you like them . Thanks for stopping by 🤝 stay safe my friend