Qurator Photo Quest Entry-Bokeh!-These little lights.

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I'm excited about all the photography challenges that are being made available on the Hive. So far, I'm participating in over 4 photography challenges. This should be the fifth one. These contests are the major reason why I've been consistent. Because each day I'm trying to get on the list of winners.

I got information about the weekly qurator photography challenge today through my friend @anyadan. And this week's theme is pretty easy[I'm bluffing].

For my entry, I'll be sharing a photograph that I created earlier in my photography career.

I created this photo with my first ever owned DSLR. A Nikon D3300 to be precise; coupled with a 35mm Yongnuo lens.

I had just graduated from my internship program, and on my National Youth Service. I was keen on putting the knowledge I had acquired to good use. So I hit up my friend @anyadan, and then he suggested sample photos by Brandon Woelfel.

We needed lights to recreate the photograph, and fortunately for us, it was around Christmas, so there were lights everywhere. We got to the location, and I created this photo. Daniel had the better photos though.

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Why are you always lying about me having the better photos? 😂

🤣🤣🤣🤣. But you know say this one no be lie

Photo wey touch man even from faraway lands