Now there is still quarantine therefore a photo from the depths of nature. I relax in nature and take photos.

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I relax in nature and take photos.
Now there is still quarantine, therefore a photo from the depths of nature, where there are no people. I like the structure of the tree, so I like to take such photos, I also like to photograph the bark of a tree. This time a stump. Someone sawed off a tree and left such a stump. One stump has long been here, and the second is fresh, which means the tree was recently laid.
Look at these hemp circles, grandmother said that these circles are marks, each circle is 1 year.
If you count these circles, you can find out how old this tree was. It is a pity that these circles can only be counted; there is already a stump left. In general, they still somehow know how old the tree is.
I took several photos of hemp from different angles, so that the photo would look more interesting.
Friends, be healthy and happy!










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