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Are you an exceptional steemian? Do you post almost every day? Do you write quality content to share with others on the platform? And finally... are you a Qurite/member of @qurator? Well then.. do we have a new special feature JUST FOR YOU! It is YOUR time to SHINE!

EVERY Wednesday @qurator will be posting the Shining Qurite of the Week which will spotlight a member who is active, posts quality content (almost) daily, comments on others' posts on the platform and is an exemplary steemian. We will be featuring a minimum of three of the Shining Qurite's posts from the last few days in this weekly highlight post and will be sending them extra upvotes/rewards from our accounts.

For the next week you will be receiving bonus daily upvotes worth roughly $0.75! Congrats and enjoy!

If you are not the Shining Qurite of the week, that's alright... you may be next week! Just keep posting quality work, continue supporting @qurator & your fellow Qurites, and perhaps you'll see your name in the SPOTLIGHT one Wednesday soon. But until then, let's see who is this week's Shining Qurite.

REMEMBER to support other members and comment!


REMEMBER to support other members and comment!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:

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Free Earthship Book Giveaway For 7 Days (Worth $8.88!) - "99 Benefits of Earthship Biotecture!"

Have you heard of Earthships? Many people have these days, but I would say only 1% of people really know why they are such a compelling building model! The main difference between Earthships and other eco building approaches such as straw bale etc. is that Earthship Biotecture provides an entire off-grid and sustainable solution to building and living. It's not just about being eco, or using natural materials, it's also about being self sufficient and unburdened by bills and loans! There is a lot to say about it, and I have written two books and about a hundred Steem posts on the subject

Welcome To The New Spirit Web Community! Q- What Dies It Mean To Be A Spiritual Person?

This is the first post for my new and 'long time coming' community on Steem. As many of you know I have lived in India for 15 years now and been consciously on the Spiritual Path since my first visit to India in 1997. I hope this new community called "SpiritWeb" can be a beautiful resource and inspiration to us all. Whilst we are all so busy doing things, it is also so worthwhile to stop and ask some of those deeper questions... perhaps the ones we really came here to ask

What Is Steem TEXT Version- Part 1- A Decentralized Experiment- Welcome To The Tron Community

This is a transcription of the video I made about Steem for those of you who prefer to read rather than watch! If you did miss the video and want to see it you can watch it at the end of this post

The Shining Qurite Wall of Fame

Since we will be featuring a Shining Qurite each week we are going to start the Shining Qurite Wall where all the featured members will be placed. A great place for all steemians to find exceptional Qurites to follow. If you are a Shining Qurite, feel free to use your badge in your posts, you deserve it. =)

Gillianpearce300.pngWalkerland300.pngtattoodjay300.pngcanadianrenegade300.pngSnowpea300.pngpapilloncharity300.pngOlegBadge.pnghappycrazycon300.pnglivinguktaiwan300.pngsherylneil300.png3002.png300.png300 (1).png300 (3).png300 (5).png300 (7).png300 (9).png300 (11).png300 (13).png300 (15).png300 (17).png300 (19).png300 (21).png300 (23).png300 (25).png300 (26).png300 (28).png300.png300 (5).png300 (7).png300 (9).png300 (11).png300 (13).png300 (16).png300.png300.png300 (1).png300 (3).png300.png300 (2).png300 (4).png300 (6).png300 (8).png300 (10).png300 (12).png300 (14).png300 (16).png300 (18).png300 (24).png300 (26).png300 (28).png300 (31).png300 (33).png300 (35).png300 (37).png300 (40).png300 (42).png300 (44).png300 (46).png300 (48).png300 (19).png300 (21).png300 (23).png300 (25).png300 (27).png300 (29).png300.png300 (2).png300 (3).png300 (4).png300 (6).png300 (1).png300 (3).png300 (5).png300 (7).png300 (8).png300 (9).png300 (11).png300 (30).png300 (32).png300 (34).png300 (36).png300 (38).png300 (40).png300 (42).png


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Congratulations @eco-alex. You deserve it. 👍💕🥳

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thank you! i had somehow not even seen this post! very happy you brought it to my attention! ;-)

a belated thank you for this highlight! somehow i had not spotted it, im guessing you know why ;-).. all my best!

You're very welcome!
A lot is going on now.. we know :)
Steem on!