Morning Coffee Monolog

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6:30 am and here I am in my usual morning position. Coffee and my quarantine balcony view. As usual I am timelapsing the sunrise, consuming vasts amounts of black coffee and getting in some #hive time.

My go pro is perched on the balcony rail. I like to do this as often as I can as the results are always so different. You really can't predict it. I'm going to see what it looks lie in black and white, have a play around and the movement of light and cloud i think, will be pretty cool in black and white.

This morning for company I can see a couple of old ladies out there foraging in the shallow water for sea urchins and a few of the early bird fishermen in their tiny bangka boat


More coffee is needed me thinks..

I am hoping restrictions will be lifted a little further as the flat calm bay just beckons. I long to get the kayak out and take the 35minute paddle to the dive shop. It's 6 to 8 minutes by motorcycle but getting there by kayak in the very early morning is really special. It's so quiet. You can see turtles popping up for air. The morning sunlight on the surface of the ocean and licking the coastline is so beautiful and you feel you are the only one there to see it.


You're not of course as there are fisher folk out every morning that see it daily but lets not spoil the moment eh.


Thanks for reading my morning coffee ramblings. I enjoy this and am now doing it often. I don't want to commit to daily but lets see

Please stay safe out there people wherever you are in the world


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