Lockdown Fashion Trends?

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Will the lockdown start a new fashion trend?

I don't think so and do not see it where I live.
The fact is we do not need to use a face mask so we don't. According to our government (advisors) it's even dangerous to make them yourself and use these. It's unhygienic and it should be washed on a high temp 60-90°C to kill bacteria and viruses (it's what all comes out of your mouth and nose) each time after you used them.

Over a week ago I saw people working at the supermarkets and the town-hall wearing face masks and gloves, since this week no one does.
The face masks only covered the mouth by the way and as a lady working at the town hall spoke to us she pulled it down.

The town delivered free face masks at home to those living in town, the rest, we, did not receive them. I guess they do not care about people living on the country side or they believe we have way less risk to get it since we only come to town to shop.

I haven't seen anything here that I would call fashion or lockdown fashion.
I am one of the few wearing sunglasses day and night, summer and winter, in- and outside. Not because of my fear of catching a virus but because of my allergies. I need to protect my eyes.

No one wears a scarf or burka where I live.
We do no longer wear gloves (for sure the shopping carts and shop hasn't been desinfected them once) or hats or long skirts/dresses.
People walk outside in a t-shirt and trousers or shorts it depends on the weather. No way we wash our clothes after we come back home to desinfect them or take a shower.

The only thing most likely happening is that people no longer get dressed.
During a (real) lockdown there's no longer the need to do so. You won't go out anyway since you stay at home.
I see it with my children. No need to leave the house so they keep their pyjamas on and start the schoolday in pyjamas. No school clothes or fancy clothes are requiered.
I believe that is what happens during a long(er) lockdown. It's not only that we are not able to go to the hairdresser (one of my acquintances biggest worry) but we even do not comb our hair. We no longer get dressed and if it's something comfortable. Since no one cares, can see you which means you stop caring too.

I saw one of the "neighbors" outside a few days earlier.
She looked bewildered. Her hair uncombed like a tousle, clothes more like rags. A good personage for a horror movie.
I really hope this will not be the new fashion trend and people do not end up like this. I know it's easier said as done but please, do not stop caring about yourself because of a lockdown. Many have to stay inside now but most of us still go outside for shopping, a walk, etc.

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The "neighbor" looked like she was working on some art piece. Yah, lockdown = home clothes = pjs = no need to dress up unless the person chooses to which some do :D

I think she has a depression. No attention, no visitors, already visiting a shrink since years which she cannot now. She lives in Belgium and stays here because???