Tales of the Urban Explorer: Greenfield Court Care Complex

in Urban Exploration29 days ago

Finding Greenfield Court Care Complex was a pain in the arse. I generally locate my targets with Google Maps or sometimes Google Earth which is great when they are wrecks with holey roofs.

When something is as intact as this, it's not quite so easy, and more effort was required.


Getting access to the grounds was the next problem as it's next to a busy road with the additional problem of a set of temporary traffic lights creating huge queues of cars.

Said cars contain bored motorists either falling asleep or have eyes fixed on some dodgy-looking dudes attempting to go somewhere they shouldn’t.


In the end, it was a case of, 'whatever, we don't give a shit' and went in anyway; hindsight tells us nobody else did either.

The complex was built in 1978 and consists of 51 former flats and bungalows which catered for assisted elderly living.

The care complex closed on October 13th, 2018, and has remained derelict ever since. All the residents were moved to The Cuttings, a larger Extra Care complex in Harrogate which cost £7.8million to develop.

Where to start? The area was huge and it seemed like around 50% of the windows were smashed.


The bottom ones were all sealed with the cheap wooden stuff which is not very effective. I am becoming quite an expert at noticing different types of seals and their weaknesses.



’some would be vandals have a go and then leave their makeshift tools behind?’





Living in one of these wouldn’t have been so bad, why did they need to close it?


Was this the same wannabe seal-breaker as the other one?



After some looking around it was quite apparent how to get in, and so we did.




That Ann Clark, using other people's fridges… sheesh,… terrible behaviour.



Clark appears to be a common name here; was that note written by a pissed off Miss E.Clark?



The vandals have already done their job it seems.


I remember TESSA’s from the nineties, I had one myself which was going very nicely until 9/11 struck and fucked up the economy for a few years.


In 1993 your pension was taxed, little has changed in today's world.





Parts of Greenfield Court Care Complex were severely creepy, and being large meant lots of strange unaccounted for noises.




Just one chandelier left, the rest pulled off the ceilings by the ‘not so bright’ crew.



I have been up stairs that have been much worse than these.



Lots of rules for the kitchen staff.


If you think I crawled in through the gap then think again!




Doing these staff modules would have sent me to sleep; I struggled to reach the end of this paragraph..., the tedium.


Around this time we both heard noises, someone else was inside the building. It's not quite the same as being in a regular building as an abandoned one.


More like the Wild West of the 1890s, anything could and can happen. A lawless place or that's how I feel anyway.


There were so many rooms which were all quite similar and looking in every one of them for something interesting would have taken hours.


Nevertheless, we made a beeline for the source of the noise, our bravery amplified by our numbers. Two is one hundred times braver than one.


It didn’t take long to find who had been there, though they had fled. The room stunk of fresh spray paint.


The painter had left behind their tube, with plenty still left inside.


I can’t say his work was especially promising, what do you reckon?


Dated April 2018, at the time I had no idea it had been vacated so recently.


We spent around an hour in Greenfield Court Care Complex, and it wasn’t a bad explore. Not one to do alone as it’s far too creepy.


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I really like the picture of the window covered by the greenery, so beautiful! It's a pity to have this kind of places empty when there are a lot of elderly people needing for assistance.

Funny to see some flowers growing along there. What a contrast.

Good thing you didn't take your wife with you on this one. I imagine she wouldn't have handled it well. I am guessing there is a lot of "activity" around that place what with the older patrons passing along every now and then. Looks like you got some really great shots. In the states they basically take over all of your finances so you can live in a place like this. I would have thought it would be a little nicer.

In the states they basically take over all of your finances so you can live in a place like this.

Here they take your property away to pay for it all.. unless you give it away to your kids like 25 years before it happens.

Wow! It looks a lot like several 'assisted living' centers here (this is a retirement community). My Mom and Dad lived in one for a few months while she rehabbed hip replacement. The primary difference being yours are brick ours are stucco.

Nice find, even if creepy. Looks like they might be rebuilding. Close it, collect some insurance for the damage, re build, and charge 2x the fees. Seems normal to me...

Very wasteful closing all this, it's hardly old and not structurally unsafe. I wasn't going to fall through any floors in this one, which does make a change I suppose.

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Interesting place. I see in a lot of these urbex posts that the hallways usually have their ceiling torn down. It appears like its more deliberate than from natural rot in most of the pics. Is this from looters looking fir copper piping in the ceiling for quick recycling cash?

It is looters after the copper piping, I see it all the time.

Strange to see these places like this keeping in mind the situation with social care.

Hahaha, Ann Clark, that's class.

I quite liked the skull in a graffiti crap way!

Some of the art I saw in Sheffield yesterday would put this wanna-be to shame. The city is full of it.

LOL...good one! That's in Harrogate on the main road to Wetherby. They're redeveloping the site into Sheltered Housing. Some friends live a few hundred yards away, I could have asked them to pop round with a pot of tea for you!!
What pisses all the fair-minded (not many in Harrogate) folks is that it could have been used for homeless accommodation but as Harrogate is full of ancient rich folk, they decided to cream their cash to build expensive sheltered flats.
I like it when you do places I know! I keep trying to think of some suggestions for you.

Hope you're keeping well young man :-)

They're redeveloping the site into Sheltered Housing.

If they are I saw no sign of it, this was a July visit.. I'm months behind in my content. I have at least one more Harrogate one coming up.

Some rooms could be used now for the homeless, there's glass in a few of them and the doors close. I did't see much of evidence of them taking the opportunity.

I like it when you do places I know!

We haven't done Wakefield and farther east yet. There's some good stuff around Selby / Tadcaster.. but it's far away for me.

Hope you're keeping well young man :-)

Likewise.. I wish I was young!

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I like and appreciate your works.

I have been contemplating doing something similar for rural areas. There are a lot of old barns and houses in our area. I often wonder what is inside them and what they once looked like in their better years.
Then again, doing the urban exploration would make for a good objective to get me out walking regularly.

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2018!?!? Damn. Some parts looked very recent, although others seemed to be abandoned for longer(judging by the photos). Either way, it's hard to believe it was so recent.

I'll never become less upset with the bad name the kids who tend to tag derelict locations give to those actual artists out there. And I'll never understand why they're all SO TERRIBLE

I have a feeling this E. Clark was probably just as bad as Ann. That damn Clark family...