Tales of the Urban Explorer: Middleton Tuberculosis Hospital

in Urban Exploration2 months ago (edited)

Middleton Tuberculosis Hospital was a big disappointment.

Here is a report from 2014, that's 6 years ago! With plans to create new homes etc. As usual, nothing has happened.


The hospital closed in 1990 and there are concerns about contamination on the grounds. What this ‘contamination’ is I really couldn’t tell you.

The fact that the local council has tried to make it off-limits is more of a joke… read on.

I know for a fact this anti-climbing fencing is new and as usual, it proved very ineffective.


This time it was due to a big gap at the bottom, and the fact that due to the inherent design of Herras fencing, one can lift it and scramble underneath.

It’s better if you have a partner, and once again @dizzydiscovery was with me to do this.


We were waiting for a rambling family on their daily walk before we did this, and once out of sight, we were in.

If this was a hospital it was a very small one. The sight we walked too was distinctly dingy and small. I knew from previous posts to expect little other than a shell.

Several minutes later the rambling family came into sight. So this is a public walking area, depending on the angle you come from. How did they get in?

…’just how many patients would Middleton Tuberculosis Hospital house at full capacity, a dozen?’…


Once again, anti-COVID graffiti, this time rebels against the virus and not the constitution. Support for the NHS as well!

The main building (if you can call it that), was remarkably well sealed for a shell. The part on the left with 'Suck my Ass', with the ropey looking makeshift 'ladder' was the obvious way in.


I did climb up to peer at the lop level and saw a floor full of holes resembling a death trap. We both figured it was not worth the effort.

Fall through the floor and be entombed forever in the concrete mess? If this is the only access point then how do we get out with no floor and a broken leg?


It was a calculated decision, and the fact the ladder was swinging around wildly when jumped on told us both a resounding NO!



There is more to it than just this building; a few smaller ones were dotted around, most filled with graffiti of variable quality.


Even sewage tanks were not spared the artistic drawings of the local dickheads.


Other places were only accessible if you wanted to be serially stung or are into receiving sadistic plant pain.


Close to the entrance was a small house but wrecked inside. We had a look anyway, finding little of interest.



If this has also been closed since 1990, it's hardly surprising there's nothing inside. @dizzydiscovery getting in on the action again.


There was a fireplace inside telling me it was a residential building once. It seemed small for a house.


…’I mean, would you live here?’…

This area 'was' being monitored. We never found the easy entrance/exit as we felt like being action men once again scrambling under the fencing on leaving.


Only do this when it's dry and not pissing down.


Middleton Tuberculosis Hospital; seriously, just don’t bother. As far as shells go, it’s not impressive.


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Who's that handsome, intelligent looking guy? Always trying to get in on the action me slobberchops. It's because you take great pics. But looking at that one, I may of ruined that shot for you haha. Great story dude.

There wasn't too much in that old house, someone lived there once. I think we both walked away from this hospital underwhelmed. There was always Murphy's Machinery next!

You can't win 'em all I guess, looks like it's unnecessarily unfriendly too - some of your photos aren't showing up btw! Don't know whether that's just my browser.

some of your photos aren't showing up btw! Don't know whether that's just my browser.

Oh.. I can see them all, I will try another browser and see what happens.

The local dickheads certainly like their bright colours!

It's far from the best I have seen. When they are exposed to eyes I guess you can forgive them, the real ones always work in a place where they can do their stuff undisturbed.

Well, I was able to breathe a lot easier through this post than I was through the last one lol! !tip

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Yes, not all are drama-filled and tense, this one was rather crap!

Well it offered a little reprieve haha :)

Very DERPy indeed

I was expecting more, felt deflated when we left. One of those poor ones.

Once the roof is gone, there is little hope for much else inside. Pretty good graffiti on this one.

At least you did some exercising while visiting this. Not very impressive indeed. I liked the colorful graffity

Random facts:

TB can survive for months outside of the body.

Livestock can be carriers.

Tuberculosis is actually a complex of bacteria of which M. tuberculosis is one of the species.

Maybe the is the 'contamination' they talk of within the link. I don't think it can survive 20+ years unless you can tell me otherwise?

It shouldn’t.

But, they never mentioned what else was kept or used there.

Nice one

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wahhh it's horror house.

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the cottage looks pure Evil Dead territory, watch out for the deadites!