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Looking at the distinctive building in my first photo, which architect do you think of? The name of Zaha Hadid came to mind when I first saw it from a brochure, and it proved to be true!

I visited some of her creations scattered around the world and was constantly amazed by her wild imagination and solid skills. Her experience as a minority woman has also been inspiring for many including me. I once posted about her unique Port House in Antwerp, which was completed just a few months after she passed away.


museumCorones (1).jpg

The futuristic mountain museum I'm showing you today is in South Tyrol, Italy. Zaha Hadid and her team designed this project in collaboration with Reinhold Messner, a renowned local mountaineer who made the first solo ascent of Mount Everest and ascended all 14 peaks over 8000 metres. It's called the Messner Mountain Museum (MMM Corones), which is located on the summit plateau of Kronplatz at 2275 metres high.

It's a pity that the museum happened to be closed when I visited Kronplatz, otherwise, I would have the chance to see the exhibitions about traditional mountaineering and the panoramic mountain view from its balcony. As a result, I could only walk around the building and shoot some photos from outside. However, the exterior was striking enough to make me linger long.


museumCorones (6).jpg

museumCorones (5).jpg

From the 2 photos below, you can see its cantilevered balcony protruding from the cliff edge and the magnificent view of surrounding mountains.


museumCorones (2).jpg

museumCorones (4).jpg

On the same summit plateau, there is also a Peace Bell which is the first architecture built at Mount Kronplatz to combine cultural facilities with the sports amenities. It's followed by the second one - the Messner Mountain Museum.

Inaugurated in 2003, the massive Concordia 2000 bell is dedicated to St. Bernard, the patron saint of mountaineers and skiers. It is a peace symbol of connecting different communities and cultures in that region. I could understand why when I saw local signs there in 3 languages: Italian, German and Latin. It's never dull being situated in such a location of cultural confluence.



Kronplatz is the largest ski resort in the region, but since I was there last autumn before the heavy snowfall, skiing was not an option. Meanwhile it's a good time to do some paragliding. Viewing the Zillertal Alps, the Dolomites and the Marmolada glacier covered by snow, ice and a mixed foliage of multiple shades of green and orange, how fantastic is that!

But again, I didn't know that in advance, only when I reached the summit and saw all these smart people flying in the sky, I came to realize it. Lacking time to plan ahead while traveling often brings nice surprises, and the silent screaming of "If I knew it earlier, I could have booked it!" also happens so many times. So let's just enjoy some photos I took of these lucky paragliders and the impressive landscape.

这块地区冬天是滑雪胜地,但我去时还没有下大雪,所以只看到山顶上有些人在玩滑翔伞。我喜欢初秋时节去到大山里,那漫山遍野深深浅浅的绿,混着层层叠叠的秋色,被白雪皑皑的群山环抱,美不胜收。早知道那里可以玩滑翔的话,肯定也会提前预定一下,体验体验缓缓飞掠这一切的感觉。又是一个去前没有时间计划,随兴而游,去后才知错过而拍断大腿的懊悔故事~哈哈 说多都是泪,看图吧:


paragliding3 (2).jpg


paragliding3 (6).jpg

paragliding3 (1).jpg

paragliding3 (5).jpg


paragliding3 (3).jpg


paragliding3 (4).jpg


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图文 by Donica

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Thank you @ackhoo and @qurator team! Much appreciated.

You're very welcome! Totally enjoyed your shots! :)

Some futuristic design. Are we the year of 2000 already?

Indeed. Thank you for reblogging the post! :)



Yay, love when you post! Great pictures. The architecture of that museum is amazing and I think I would be a bit nervous to go on the balcony. There is a great architecture and design community You should check it out.

You are not kidding when you you say they had good view while paragliding. Wow! I think this is a better link.

Thank you Sara for telling me this! I subscribed to that community before, but I didn't know about this account... looking into their page now. Looks like a great project!

I have been very impressed with their welcome, organization and engagement.

just amazing

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Stunning views, stunning photos and that museum!

That's truly an impressive place. Long time no see! Hope you are doing well!

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那個博物館,感覺像是Terminator 3 最後主角進入天網基地的感覺哈哈哈

是吗 哈哈 我好像只看过前2部 还是好多年前 都不记得讲什么了